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Zachary Philpot is another example of the young talent being stockpiled in London, KY at North Laurel

’26 OG prospect may well grow into an OT and quite a fine player

Zachary Philpot is a former Team Kentucky Elite FBU player who just finished his freshman season at North Laurel. The Jaguars were no joke in ’22, beating Johnson Central by a point, having to forfeit its game with South Laurel, and playing both Southwestern and Wayne County down to the final horn. There is plenty of talent coming through the pipelines for Coach Jason Chappell’s ball club. This guy here is framed out the way one wants to see a big put together.

Fletcher Long, Chief of the Scouting Division for KPGFootball

The first thing one has to understand, particularly in working with young bigs, is young frames take some time to develop. It seems the quicker a young lineman’s physique comes into full bloom, the more time it takes the player’s athleticism to pull even.

Can’t coach height. Can’t coach length. We’ve heard that thousands of time.

Zachary Philpot is among the more highly regarded young OL in Kentucky graduating in 2026. Philpot is 6’3,” weighs 275-pounds and carries a 4.0 GPA.

That is, of course, terrific. It isn’t completely unexpected. Offensive linemen are among the smartest people on most football teams.

It is not a “dumb man’s” position. “Dummies” struggle slotted there.

Philpot’s…bench press is up to 240-pounds and his squat sits around 375

Reported on @zleeboy54 on Twitter

It requires tremendous strength and explosion to play along the OL. Right now, Philpot’s frame well exceeds his athleticism, strength, and explosion. We don’t know how long that will remain the case.

Philpot’s reported bench press is up to 240-pounds. His squat sits around 375.

Is that where a recruiter wants to see a 275-pounder? We would be lying if we claimed it so. However, for a freshman…Philpot’s doing quite well.

We believe the former Team Kentucky Select FBU member is on track to crack the starting lineup this next Fall. We believe he will continue to gain fans as he matures and develops.

We believe, before too long, he will be among the most sought after linemen in Kentucky’s ’26 graduating class. Basically, we believe…in him!

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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