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Three-phase, Caverna High, '26 superstar Tyson Martin

’26 RB/LB a real “find” among Kentucky’s high school football talent

Tyson Martin is a real find among high school football stars in Kentucky. He is the pride of Horse Cave, Kentucky; is 6’1,” and weighs a hearty 190 pounds; and is a three-phase contributor to his team with a 3.5 GPA. He’s a clearing house no-brainer who led his classification in many statistical areas this past season. Did we mention he just finished his sophomore season? If this is a guy about whom you are just hearing, you’re welcome, that’s why you pay us.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

Many of you around the commonwealth express amazement at our level of coverage. How is it even possible we can find out about these players many of whom are from remote corners of Kentucky.

To this, all we can say is spending your days scouring the commonwealth and studying football statistics reaps benefits. There isn’t an assistant college football coach on any staff in the Bluegrass who knows even a scintilla as much about the high school game and who are its stars as we. They simply can’t.

It’s a time and effort thing. Not an intelligence or “football knowledge” thing.

For instance, how many people, outside of Horse Cave, Kentucky, realize Caverna High has one of ’26’s brightest, multi-phase stars, commonwealth wide, on its roster? Not knowing doesn’t make it not true.

His name is Tyson Martin. Martin is a ’26 RB/LB who makes tremendous contributions on offense, defense, AND special teams. On offense, Martin (in 10-games) carried the ball from scrimmage 130-times, gained 1,319-yards, averaged 10.1-ypc, and scored a TD every seventh or so carries (18-TDs).

Martin scored 18-times on the ground, housed an INT, scored on a "scoop and score," returned three (3)-kicks for TDs, converted five (5) two (2)-pointers, and scored two (2)-TDs under the rather nebulous category of "Other" 

Friday Night Fletch

Martin led the team in scoring with 160-points, or 16-points per game. In arriving at his 160-points, Martin scored 18-times on the ground, housed an INT, scored on a “scoop and score,” returned three (3)-kicks for TDs, converted five (5) two (2)-pointers, and scored two (2)-TDs under the rather nebulous category of “Other.” Martin is scoring points in ways we can neither describe nor categorize.

Martin is a defensive stalwart from his LB-post. Martin registered 87-tackles, five (5)-TFLs, two (2)-sacks, 3-INTs, and 96 IRNYs.

This is starting to appear to be quite the trend in the KHSAA. We are seeing more and more players exhibiting three (3)-phase utility across the Bluegrass. This Tyson Martin-cat is exhibiting more than just utility in the multiple phases of the game, this guy is a three-phase star.

For all you colleges out there looking for talent, you’re welcome. Call on us should you need any more scouting assistance.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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