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There is no better time than the present to anoint another Independence Bank Player of the Week. Independence Bank is proud to sponsor a weekly article highlighting players in the areas where Independence Bank flourishes who embody the same type of revolutionary service to their respective football teams which has made Independence Bank unique and special in the banking industry.

Independence Bank has a goal of achieving everyday excellence, and this week we are focusing on a young wide receiver/athlete (’26) who will be playing next season for Browning Springs Middle School in Madisonville, Kentucky. His name is Trey Sedgwick and he is the most highly regarded athlete in the ’26 class of Kentucky prospects at his respective positions.

He played WR for Team Kentucky in the Future Stars Classic. He plays as many places for Browning Springs as they find to get him the football.

Sedgwick, winning the Offensive MVP for Team Kentucky Future Stars. Trey is flanked by Ricco Hughes, Kentucky’s Director and Josh Jones, Ricco’s TN counterpart

Sedgwick’s Browning Springs Middle School in Madisonville, Kentucky is not too far from two Independence Bank locations. One is on 629 E. Center Street and the other is on 1776 N. Main Street. Get on by and visit the most rapidly growing bank in the commonwealth of Kentucky, Independence Bank. Independence Bank has started a revolution in the banking industry.

People who watched this year’s thrilling 7th-grade Tennessee-Kentucky Future Stars game in Nashville, Tennessee are still buzzing about both the game and how well it was played and, particularly, the play of Trey Sedgwick. KPGFootball took in the action from the press box.

We don’t mind conceding it may have been among the finest and most prolific performances we have ever seen out of a WR at that stage of development. It was a sight to behold for sure.

Sedgwick ran by defenders, ran over defenders, ran through defenders, ran around defenders, and seemingly caught every meaningful football thrown by Kentucky on the day. In spite of his efforts, Tennessee kicked a field goal toward the end of the game which broke Kentucky’s back and enabled the Tennessee team to leave the field with a slim 15-13 final margin.

It was an excellently played ball game which went down to the wire. All of the play was a treat to watch. Sedgwick’s play was a triple fudge brownie topped with ice-cream.

We talked to Browning Springs’ head man, Tyrone Gregory, about the play of his young phenom. He told KPGFootball keeping Sedgwick’s head within normal human proportions, once he learns just how good he is, may be a real challenge.

“We get him the ball every conceivable way at Browning Springs. For us, he is an athlete through whom we have to run our offense to be successful.”

Congratulations to Trey Sedgwick for his Revolutionary Play at this year’s Kentucky Future Stars Classic and that which lies ahead this coming Fall in ’21. Browning Springs Middle knows the team is at its best when Sedgwick is on the field.

All of the above has earned Sedgwick this week’s recognition from the fastest growing bank in the commonwealth of Kentucky. Get on by and support your friends at Independence Bank.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron and reminding you that WE’RE JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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