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We used to do this throughout the season. Then the pandemic made it impossible to do because, from week to week, one would be handicapping games which never got played. 

We may be idiots but we decided to renew this series and, this week, we picked another 12-games we expect will be played this weekend, come heck or high water, as people say. We will check back after Friday night’s action to see how we did. 

Incidentally, we are 22-2 on the year. It will be interesting to see how well or poorly we do this week.

Here is this week’s version of the “dirty dozen” football games to be played this Friday night, with the first game playing tonight, and who will win and what the likely score will be. Good luck everyone!

Game one: Muhlenberg County (1-5, 5A) at Owensboro (5-1, 5A)

Why would Owensboro (Senior) High schedule this game? Have to play them. Both teams are in the first district.

Owensboro hasn’t slowed a single beat since Wimsatt’s departure for college. One area coach told me it almost made the Red Devils harder to play. Owensboro will beat Muhlenberg as badly as it wants.

KPG Football’s prediction: Owensboro 62, Muhlenberg County 0

Game two: Morgan County (3-3, Class 2A) at Breathitt (0-5, Class 2A)

Many people in 2A are scratching their heads wondering what in the world is wrong with Breathitt. No team has been hit as hard by the pandemic than these guys. One of their five losses was a COVID-cancellation.

Breathitt could have beaten Perry County, were in the game for at least a half with North Laurel with a 4th-teamer under center, and played with Dunbar well into the 4th-Q. Breathitt enter the game winless and Morgan’s Jordan Sexton may be the best RB in the district.

J. Sexton

We like the Bobcats at home on the Riverbank here.

KPG Football’s prediction: Breathitt County 42, Morgan County 27

Game three: Rockcastle (4-2, Class 3A) at Bell (4-1, Class 3A)

The Rock, as they are called, are a scrappy bunch and we have seen some mighty good teams come from there. Dudley Hilton, Bell’s head man, is the second winningest football coach in KHSAA history. Hilton will add to the win total, we think anyway.

KPG Football’s prediction: Bell County 27, Rockcastle County 17

Game four: Hancock County (4-2, Class 2A) at Butler (4-1, Class 2A)

What in the world is Butler County doing leading the pack in the 2nd-district? Don’t they know that district is property of Owensboro Catholic? Well someone forgot to sent Butler that memo.

We can remember years where Butler, a historical doormat in the district, wouldn’t have expected to come within 50 of Hancock. My how times have changed.

KPG Football’s prediction: Butler County 21, Hancock County 19

Game five: Mayfield (6-0, Class 2A) at Caldwell (4-2, Class 2A)

When Caldwell joined Mayfield and Murray’s district, we were assured by Caldwell assistants they would have no problem competing with Mayfield and Murray at all. We haven’t seen that yet.

We have to say this is one of 2A’s toughest districts. Caldwell is very well coached and has improved every week since dropping its opener to a terrible Christian County Colonel squad.

They haven’t improved sufficiently to play with “mighty Mayfield.”

KPG Football’s prediction: Mayfield 34, Caldwell County 0

Game six: Hopkinsville (2-4, Class 4A) at Madisonville-North Hopkins (2-4, Class 4A)

I have a friend in Madisonville, Kentucky who works as a scout for us in the area. This guy is the best scout we have ever had at KPGFootball. You can set your watch by this guy’s information and analysis.

Before writing this article, we called him and asked, “Can North beat Hoptown this weekend?” His answer was perfunctory but brilliant in its brevity.

“Nope,” he answered. Good enough for us.

KPG Football’s prediction: Hoptown 28, Madisonville North-Hopkins 14

Game seven : Pikeville (1A, 5-1) at Madison Central (6A, 4-1)

I am willing to bet you Pikeville scheduled this game thinking it would get itself an easy 6A victory. The old RPI-builder, right?

Who could blame them? Madison Central won all of two (2) games over ’19 AND ’20. That was before they hired one of Kentucky’s all-time head football coaches in “Whistling” Mike Holcomb.

These two teams both played LCA this season. It is the only loss for them both.

Pikeville lost by 17. Madison Central lost by nine (9).

We would like Pikeville in Pikeville. In Richmond; well, our opinion is a bit different.

KPG Football’s prediction: Madison Central 24, Pikeville 14

Game eight: Bardstown (5-0, Class 3A) at Nelson County (3-3, Class 3A)

Bardstown may be the best team in the 3A classification. Nelson County is a team competing in the 3A classification. You do the math.

KPG Football’s prediction: Bardstown 56, Nelson County 17

Game nine: St. Xavier (4-1, Class 6A) at Ryle (4-1, Class 6A)

The Ryle Raiders are tough. They are a difficult team to have to play and they rank highly in the 6A classification’s weekly top-10. You know who else is tough? Louisville St. Xavier, and they have the best offensive center in Kentucky football in Carter Guillaume.

At the end of the day, Kevin Wallace was brought to Louisville from Bowling Green to win championships. So far, he’s not getting it done. However, this just might be his break through year, at the Louisville private school as he won multiple titles at 5A BGHS.

KPG Football’s prediction: Louisville St. Xavier 31, Ryle 24

Game ten: Bowling Green (3-3, Class 5A) at South Warren (4-1, Class 5A)

This game is a huge, huge game and district seeding is riding on its outcome. Either one of these teams routinely has the requisite talent to challenge for a 5A title. We like the Spartans in this one.

KPG Football’s prediction: South Warren 26, Bowling Green 7

Game eleven: Simon Kenton (1-4, Class 6A) at Corbin (5-0, Class 4A)

We all remember times when Simon Kenton would have beaten the almighty crap out of Corbin or any other team in the 4A classification. Well, those days aren’t today.

Corbin maybe the betting favorite to win it all in 4A this year. Simon Kenton is an early exit in 6A.

No team in Kentucky outside of Male and LCA have the type athletes Corbin has on its roster. We believe these hounds will hunt.

KPG Football’s prediction: Corbin 56, Simon Kenton 14

Game twelve: Ashland Blazer (3-3, Class 3A) at Elizabethtown (3-3, Class 3A)

Ashland Blazer (AB) is the reigning champion in the 3A classification. We don’t think they have that kind of talent this year. They lost a lot to graduation.

Want to know who else lost plenty to graduation? Elizabethtown High School was hit as hard as anyone. Both of these programs find ways to win and are among the very elite programs in their class.

AB, like Caldwell, has improved every week. They are too much for the Panthers.

KPG Football’s prediction: Ashland-Blazer 38, Elizabethtown 13

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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