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Don’t know how many of you have seen it but there is a really funny movie which has been out quite a few years entitled, “The Other Guys.” It stars Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg.

These guys are two police officers who toil everyday without any fanfare or spot light, going about their daily tasks. Worse yet, they work in the shadow of a superstar tandem of officers who grab all the attention doing all the dangerous but super high profile stuff.

As the story goes, one of “The Other Guys” is itching to get on the street and make a name for himself (Wahlberg) while the other relishes his role pushing paper (Ferrell).

The hotshots take the chance too many and get taken out of the picture. “The Other Guys,” our heroes, finally get a chance to shine and they do. It is a great story.

Now, we are describing for you a pretty funny concept and Hollywood movie. If there were a movie about the ’21 Owensboro Red Devils, it might well be similarly scripted.

Wimsatt; Photo:John Otterstedt, 247Sports

Owensboro came into the ’21 season with a 4-star QB in Gavin Wimsatt. Wimsatt played three games for the Red Devils, compiling a 2-1 mark, before reclassifying and taking his talents on to New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Wimsatt now pads up on Saturdays to play for the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers University in the FBS, Power 5’s Big Ten Conference. Someone was going to have to step into the void left by Wimsatt when he bolted for college football back in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Just like in the movie, but for a vastly different reason, “Our Other Guy,” Kasey Boone, found himself at the wheel of the Red Devil’s bus. Would the 6-1, 142-pounder show he had the right stuff? So far, so splendid.

Owensboro has reeled off 11-straight victories, 9-0 with Boone under center, and are bracing for a visit from a 9-3 Bullitt Central team. Should the Red Devils win Friday night, and they will be favored, it is on to the Semis with a chance to go to Kroger Field for a second consecutive year.

Wouldn’t it be quite a story if Boone takes the team back and, this time, leaves with the 5A hardware? Wouldn’t it, indeed!

The Other Guy, Kasey Boone; Photo: Alan Warren, Messenger-Inquirer 

With the job all to his lonesome, Boone has done more than just managed the team he inherited. Boone is thriving in the role and compiling prodigious production all at the same time.

Owensboro fans would proudly tell you “The Other Guy” has become “Our Guy.” His numbers would explain it were one curious.

Since taking over, Boone has completed 73 of his 116 passing attempts. That is a completion percentage of just shy of 63%.

Boone has thrown for 1,184 yards, 20-TDs, against only 6-interceptions. Friday night, in the District Championship game, Boone completed 15 of 27-passing attempts for 225-yards and 4-TDs against only one thrown pick as Owensboro routed Graves County, 43-0.

Boone has some weapons around him. Tramel Barksdale (’22) has gained 1,076-yards on 126-carries with 12-Rushing TDs in the offensive backfield and cohort, Kenyatta Carbon (’23), has 582-yards in 56-carries with 11-rushing TDs.

Two running backs compiling those type numbers when opponents know the team is likely to lean on the running game means something too. The offensive line is playing really well.

So what is the climax to our movie we have been watching unfold in ’21? Will “The Other Guy” take his teammates to the Promise Land and to the classification’s ultimate prize and glory?

We don’t know. We can tell you this…we plan to stay around and see how this whole thing finishes. We suggest you do likewise.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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  1. Thank you for recognizing Kasey’s talent. He is a fun player to watch, very disciplined and determined. He is humble but certainly deserves credit! Go Red Devils.

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