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Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound; Photo: TJ Brasher, "Madisonville-Messenger"

WR/DE/OLB combo player generated prodigious production in only seven games last season

This is a basketball player with plus length. That would explain how No. 88 kept coming up big with marquee type plays when the team needed it most over the course of his 7-game, ’22 run. The question heading into ’23 is what might he do playing an entire slate of games? Won’t this be fun to discover?

HB Lyon, Scouting Divison, KPGFootball

Sometimes getting information, on-line, about any middle or high school player can be frustrating. Some athletes, in middle and high school, don’t have much of a digital “footprint.” We call these athletes “ghosts” around the offices of KPGFootball.

Reese Belt

Now Reese Belt was an athlete whose picture was right difficult to find. We did it, but it took longer than we would have expected.

One of the reasons we didn’t initially think it would be taxing is the fact he is a three-sport, varsity athlete at Hopkins County Central. We know he plays football for reasons to be further below discussed. He is also a varsity member of the Basketball and the Track & Field teams.

In basketball, he is a PF/C (which gives you an indication of his height and length). In track and field, he runs the 100-meter, high-hurdles; which gives you an indication of his speed, explosion, and athleticism.

We talked to assistant Coach Dylan Buchanan about this prospect. He told KPGFootball, “Reese has a large wingspan which helps him create good separation from offensive linemen.”

That might explain how he led the team in TFL’s (5), QB-sacks (5), and FF’s (1) a year ago in spite of only playing in seven (7) games. Also enlightens our magazine on how he was able to be among the team lead in tackles (32) in light of his limited run.

Reese Belt led the team in ’22 in TFL’s (5), QB-sacks (5), and FF’s (1) in spite of only playing in seven (7) games

KHSAA statistical website

Don’t be shocked to see some college football programs attempt to get involved here before the digital ink on this article drys. How many DE’s in Kentucky can boast of being 6’6,” 210-pounds, with a wingspan around the 80-inch range?

Look at the picture included as the featured photograph with this article. Man, he’s really up there in the air defending against that place-kick.

The coaching staff seems enthused about having a weapon like this at the staff’s disposal. In addition to Coach Buchanan’s provided information, Coach Manning, The Storm’s HFC, told KPGFootball, “Reese has a high ceiling and is continuing to improve. I believe Reese is poised to have a tremendous year for us.

Manning went on to tell us, “Reese is a wonderful piece for our defensive front. We plan to play him primarily at DE.”

Reese is a wonderful piece for our defensive front who will play primarily at DE

Chris Manning, Hopkins Central’s HFC

As for the seven games, Manning has an explanation. “Reese suffered a hip injury which limited his playing time in ’22. We are hoping to get him the entire season in ’23.”

Yeah, we would think so. No telling what his numbers become, playing an entire season.

Now this prospect reminds us of a great deal of a DE we extensively covered on the ’19 Breathitt Bobcat team named, Caden Hogg. Hogg was a real unknown, until his senior year, and then he exploded to register 84-tackles, 7.5-TFL’s, and a pair of QB-sacks in helping lead the Bobcats to a 13-1 season and a Region 4-title.

The physical similarities between the two are striking. There is literally no reason, at all, Belt can’t perform similarly (or even better) in ’23, especially since Belt out-performed Hogg in ’22 over Hogg’s junior campaign in ’18.

Hogg was an Honorable Mention (HM), All-Stater in 2019. No reason Belt can’t beat that too.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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