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Braunm may be young, but he is certainly plenty wise

Determined freshman committed to making the most of his freshman year at Great Crossing

A strong body plus a strong mind equals success.

Michael Braunm, Class of ’26, Great Crossing High

There are plenty of young OL who figure to factor into the rotation for their respective high schools tomorrow night. More than you could ever anticipate as a matter of fact as young players come to the high school level more physically ready than in prior years. Braunm is a guy who seems to “get it.” A strong body plus a strong mind does equal success–all day long. Kudos to him, and go get ’em big man!

Fletcher W. Long, KPGFootball’s Senior Scout

Here is a young man who appears to KPGFootball to “get it.” When you look at the Twitter handle for the young, ’26, OL prospect Michael Braunm (and yes it isn’t a typo, there is an “m” on the end of “Braun”), you find words by which to live.

It is emblazoned on the picture featured with this article we “borrowed” from his Twitter page. It would be redundant to state it here, though you will find it above set forth attributed to him as the speaker.

Wise beyond his peers

Great Crossing is a 5A, 6th-district team coming off an impressive year. Sure, they lost in the first round of the KHSAA playoffs a year ago; but, after all, they were on the road playing perennial 5A powerhouse Scott County and they only lost 21-19. Game could have gone either way.

Programs that sustain themselves do it with a constant influx of talent. Nowhere is the talent stream any more important than upfront.

Braunm is a young offensive lineman who is 5’11,” approaching 200-pounds. Braunm evidences some important characteristics when it comes to forecasting future success.

I love this game [football]!

Michael Braunm

He loves the game. Braunm said so conspicuously on his Twitter feed. Coaches will tell you that is over half the battle.

Great Crossing opens at home tomorrow night against Western Hills. Western Hills is a 3A football program which has certainly produced some outstanding athletes and moments.

Don Miller’s Wolverines roll into town off a 2-8 worksheet from a year ago. The Wandale Robinson days get further and further in the rear view for Wolverine fans.

Will Braunm see action this coming season for his Warhawks? It is not a smart wager to expect any freshman to see more than “mop up” duty on any high school roster playing at Kentucky’s second highest classification of competition.

However, a strong mind plus a strong body most definitely equals success. An intrepid freshman OL who has already discovered this secret is a guy whose candidacy for PT is one which will always garner support from this magazine.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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