Matt and Alex Horn have activated their Wonder Twin Powers and shape-shifted into football stars

The Horn Twins are flanking Andrew Clifton (tall with beard) and Devin Johnson

I grew up watching, on Saturday mornings, an animated show about the Wonder Twins. Their names were Zan and Jayna and they were alien siblings from the planet Exxor with shapeshifting ability. They had to touch hands to access their super powers and recite an incantation along the lines of Wonder Twin powers…activate! Zan could morph into any form of water while his twin sister, Jayna, could morph into any animal she chose. Sorry, but I would have much preferred Jayna’s power to Zan’s in my youth. Zan’s shifting into some form of water seamed quite limited to my young mind, while the ability to transform into any type of animal, including the mighty Komodo Dragon, appeared quite the advantage. Of course, with the sobering experience that comes with age, I now realize water is the most destructive force in the natural world. For instance, ever been to the Grand Canyon and know how it came to be formed?

The Johnson Central Eagles have their own Wonder Twins and they have shape shifted into quite the fine defenders for a team perpetually competing at Kentucky, high school football’s highest levels. Upon activating their wonder twin powers, Alex takes the form of a DT/MLB hybrid who had 72 tackles a year ago and Matt takes the form of a LB/DE hybrid who contributed 89 tackles in 2017. Alex, who wears No. 40, is 5-10 and weighs 232 pounds. Alex is an explosive ball of quick-twitch muscle fiber who has an explosive burst of get-off  and gapping ability. Alex wins the battle of leverage, seemingly every time, and has the power (465lb. back squat; 515lb. deadlift) and strength (345lb. bench press) to get a larger, o-lineman’s hands off of him coupled with the bend and speed (5.05 second 40; 4.42 pro-agility shuttle) to dip under their hands and break into the offensive backfield. Alex causes considerable disruption while still possessing the strength to dig-in and take on blocks for the plays run right at him. No stranger to the wrestling mat, Alex has been All-State in wrestling for three years running and is being recruited for both football and wrestling.

Alex’s hand in the dirt set for take-off

Matt, is about the same height as his brother though a little lighter (5-10, 210). Like his brother, Matt is no stranger to either the weight room, where Matt bench presses 315 pounds, squats 425, and deadlifts 495 nor the wrestling mat, where Matt is an All-Stater two years running. Like his brother Alex, Matt is also being recruited for both football and wrestling. Matt runs the 40 yard dash in 4.91 seconds and shuttles in 4.33 secondsMatt is quick off the edge and plenty flexible to bend both under and around the larger, longer offensive tackles across from whom he is commonly positioned. Both of the Horns run well, as they are both deployed some in the second level as linebackers and both have been deployed in odd fronts as NGs in addition to their duties at MLB. Both of these prospects are in Kentucky’s class of 2019.

For the frame aficionados in the recruiting world, I am sure they are probably not as tall, with as long of arms, as one would prefer for the positions at which they play. There is a kid I know, right now, who has a Power 5 offer and he isn’t starting for his high school team going into his junior year. He’s not a very good football player but he measures well. The Horns are real football players. They are the kids who are tough, show up with their lunch pails ready to work, and make plays which decide ball games and effect outcomes. There has got to always be a place in football for the football player. After all, it’s not run-way modeling (Rivals) folks, it’s football.

Reporting for KPGFootball, this is Fletcher Long reminding all of you ballers out there to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE.

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