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Spike is among the very best in Kentucky's '25 graduating class at the interior line post

Spike’s dad a “Hoosier;” younger “Sowells” will have similar options

There is a ton to love about the prospect they call “Spike.” He manned the middle of the offensive line for Male this year and put in an All-State caliber performance particularly for a sophomore starting for one of Kentucky’s premier programs. He’s battled some injuries but appears to have come out the other side stronger and more determined.

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Not that anyone has asked, but I am really enjoying getting back in the saddle and selecting and featuring young talent again, like when we started this adventure. I really enjoy featuring talent like Isaac “Spike” Sowells.

Sowells is a ’25 kid whose father played collegiately at Indiana University banging heads in the Big 10 conference. The younger Sowells has the frame, length, and certainly the pedigree to have similar choices when it is his turn to decide.

Now this is a kid, on whose behalf, some have expressed frustration over his being excluded from a number of All-State teams. I am not calling these complainants out, but am using the situation for a lesson.

All-State rosters don’t EVER get them all. We famously left off a RB on our very first KPGFootball Sophomore All-State Team one year who had rushed for over 2,000-yards playing 5A football. Yes, it was embarrassing, especially when he was a candidate for “Mr. Football” a couple years later.

What can we say?

Now we published an All-State team this year. We omitted Spike. That omission doesn’t mean Spike didn’t have an “All-State” season or that he isn’t an “All-State” caliber player.

It means Spike is a sophomore. Hard for sophomores to make All-State teams. Not impossible…but not done every day.

You have to also remember Spike plays a position hard to evaluate. There really aren’t stats for offensive centers, aside from games played, and much of what a center does the casual fan never sees or hears.

Center is a very “cerebral” position. Centers make the protection calls, identify fronts, stunts, and blitzes, and call out run blocking assignments.

I love football,…pancaking defenders…[and]…my family because they always support me

Isaac “Spike” Sowells

When it comes to “cerebral,” you can’t beat Spike. Sowells has a 3.85 GPA and, via self-profession, “…loves football, pancaking defenders into the ground, and [his] family who always support [him].”

Male High thrived with Sowells manning the middle. The Bulldogs lost the 6A championship game to Bullitt East by a single point and logged 4,695-yards of total offense (2,224-rushing + 2,471-passing) with Sowells clearing the way along with his other line mates.

Now Spike is where he needs to be physically to play center at the FBS, Power 5 level. Listed at 6’2,” 278-pounds, Sowells has extremely long arms and legs which belie he may not be done growing. Should he not grow another inch, he is where colleges look for centers, frame wise, already as only a sophomore/rising junior.

We absolutely love this prospect. We believe he is exploding onto the scene and his omission from All-State teams will shortly be a distant memory.

This is Fletcher Long, once again reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE! 

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