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Maddox Bryant, from Hazard, one of '28's Top Guys!

’28 RB/LB/P a three phase contributor

Maddox Bryant is a rising 8th-grader when football beaks camp this coming season. Keep telling yourself that, because it will become increasingly harder to believe as this article advances. Bryant has the right attitude concerning both work and working out and this “attitude” is why he is among the better ’28’s in the entire commonwealth.

HB Lyon, Scouting Division, KPGFootball

I was on a radio show once and was asked how difficult was it to accurately predict a middle school star player’s being a star on the high school level. With the offseason programs, weight training, and amount of games and film available to evaluate middle school football players these days, it isn’t, at all, difficult.

Brick crap-house

Our “misses” are few and far between, sans injury. We miss, but it isn’t too often, as those of you who regularly read us can attest.

Maddox Bryant is a remarkable football player about to enter the 8th-grade at one of middle school’s better programs, Hazard Middle. The “little” Bulldogs are used to making deep playoff runs and, consequently, so are the “Big” Bulldogs (Hazard High).

Bryant is 5’9,” and weighs 160-pounds. He is built like a brick crap house as the picture attached to this article clearly demonstrates.

He has made a smattering of offseason all-star games. They are too numerous to mention.

This kid can do some amazing things. Bryant has a PR on the bench press of 230-pounds and can power clean 200-pounds.

Bryant, physically, can do some amazing things

Fletcher Long, Senior Sports Writer, KPGFootball

How is that for explosive? Before we forget, he has won four (4) consecutive state wrestling championships, including this past year (’22-’23). Like we said, how’s that for explosive?

Graphic, Larry Perrin, NSR

He plays RB/LB/P for the Middle School Bulldogs, making him a three-phase contributor to his team. Bryant is a throw back to the days when a football star had to kind of “do-it-all.” For Kentucky fans, think Vito “Babe” Parilli; or, as he was known then, “UK’s Sweet Kentucky Babe.”

Where Bryant figures to project, as a college prospect, will have much to do with how his frame finishes and where he is slotted to play at the college level. As a high school prospect, Bryant might be capable of starting at Hazard High as an 8th-grader if KHSAA rules permitted, which it doesn’t.

Bryant has worked hard to make himself an anatomical mismatch on a middle school field. Bryant is physically way ahead of his classmates.

Intellectually, he appears equally ahead of the standard-fare, rising 8th-grader. That 4.0 GPA he is carrying speaks to that fact and will make him recruitable at a variety of attractive and prestigious levels.

Will Bryant let his middle school, class of ’28, competitors catch him? Bryant certainly doesn’t have to; and doesn’t presently look very willing.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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