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Drew Davis ruled eligible to play this coming Fall for Paducah Tilghman

Hulking DT among the best in Kentucky at where he deploys

Layton (Davis) is eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics at Paducah Tilghman High School-as it relates to Bylaw 6.

Julian Tackett, July 19, 2022, Commissioner of the KHSAA

Have you ever heard the written word described as sweet, sweet music? I am talking about the type of words on paper which invoke in the reader the sounds of a symphony written by Mozart, Tchaikovsky, or maybe even Beethoven.

If you are a fan of the Blue Tornado, a.k.a. Paducah Tilghman High’s football team, you had such a day on the 19th of July, 2022. That was the day the KHSAA, through its Commissioner, entered a ruling that Davis would be immediately eligible at Tilghman for the coming Fall football season.


It must have felt like a scene from out of the beloved musical, “The Sound of Music.” Sing it with me, “Tilghman’s alive, with the sound of music…”

Layton “Drew” Davis played for Caldwell County over the previous four years. He played very well for the Tigers. Davis had 228-tackles, 41-TFLs, 9 QB-sacks, 3-FFs, and 5-FRs over that time.

Davis is what is now known in high school football parlance as a “Super Senior.” Super Seniors are seniors who, under Senate Bill (SB)-128 have been permitted an additional year of eligibility, if they qualify and chose to benefit from the law’s tenants due to the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting academics and athletics over the course of the applicant’s high school athletic career. Davis qualified under the bill, made application to be permitted the additional year, and made the requisite election to utilize the benefit.

For his 5th year, upon his family’s relocating to Paducah for reasons completely unrelated to athletics, Davis decided to attend the high school where his family and he became zoned, which was Paducah Tilghman. Caldwell County contested the matter, as it had the right to do.

The issue was set on for resolution via hearing. The KHSAA ruled in favor of the Davis family. No one expressed any more relief than Davis himself.

It is a relief to get to play for my new high school. I am thrilled to be ruled immediately eligible. I am thrilled to get to wear the number “55” for the Blue Tornado. I hope my play will meet or exceed the standard set for the number while I wore it playing for my previous team in Caldwell County.

Layton Davis

Davis shores up a defensive need for many a defense across Kentucky at any level of play. He gives his new team an All-State caliber player to either have screaming off the edge or put right smack-dab in the middle of the interior defensive line depending on how the defensive coordinator desires to use him. He is plenty big, very strong, exceedingly explosive, twitchy, and powerful possessing a skill set permitting his deployment anywhere across Tilghman’s defensive front.

Davis doubles as an offensive lineman and a DE, DT type who has before successfully played NG. He projects next-level as a DT/DE.

Davis is 6’0,” and weighs 265-pounds. He’s a mid-three-bills (350-pound) bench presser and a 570-pound back squatter. Those types are both darn hard to find and darn hard to dig out of holes.

Several commonwealth college teams are after the western Kentucky star. Morehead has offered, Murray State has expressed interest, Centre College has offered and seems right in the thick of it together with Lindsey Wilson, Georgetown, and many, many other schools.

For right now, Davis just wants to go out a high school Kentucky champion. David told KPGFootball, “I have come to Paducah to help the Blue Tornado win a title. They were close a year ago and we have many key pieces returning. I hope my addition will net an improved, championship-level product.”

We are sure it will, kid. So are the Blue Tornado faithful.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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