KPGFootball Consulting Service Launches

We have been covering football for years at Kentucky Prep Gridiron. One of the more covered areas has been in recruiting. 

WE BELIEVE WE HAVE LEARNED A THING OR TWO ABOUT A THING OR TWO! We believe your son and you will greatly benefit from our insight.

Our staff has fished these waters and successfully. We have helped place dozens of young men on college rosters. 

We have help parents get from partially funded to their sons being fully underwritten. WE CAN HELP YOU!

Here’s what we will do:

We will evaluate your son’s film, production, and measurables and tell you at what level of college competition he is best suited to play. 

We will help reach out to target schools at that level and make the connection between those recruiting coaches and your son.

We will help package your son, his achievements, and his abilities in the most attractive way possible to insure he will get recruited and by the schools genuinely interested in him and his talents. 

Here’s what we won’t do:

We won’t lie to you about where your son can play and where he may fit.

We won’t waste your money traveling to combines/camps which won’t help him get to where he needs to go.

We won’t arrange for you to make visits to schools which have no genuine interest in him.

There is a right way to do the recruiting thing. There is a wrong way. 

If you are interested in results, contact one of our college recruiting consultants now and ask them how to get on the path to a successful college football career at a place you will feel at home and where you are really wanted. Contact Coach Justin (502-352-0917) or Coach Fletcher (606-216-7771) right now and arrange for one or both of them to come to your home and present to you and your friends the right path, the true path, the pathway to success!  

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