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’25 QB/ATH from Madisonville-North Hopkins exhibits filthy athletic skills

Kanyon Johnson is a sick, filthy athlete and we mean this in the good way. He is just a 6’5,” 200-pounder who plays primarily at QB for the Maroons in 5A and helped lead them to an 8-3 mark in ’23 which left many, around Kentucky, wondering how good North Hopkins could have been last season with a break here or there. Johnson carried a 3.7-GPA and threw for close to 2,000-yards in ’23 (1,925) with 18-TDs against only five (5)-picks. Johnson also led the ground attack with 1,287-yards rushing and 16-TDs for more than 3,000-total yards on the year and over 100-points scored (104). This guy is a must take and colleges should beat a path to his door; but hey, you do you…

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

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There is no better time than the present to anoint another Independence Bank, Revolutionary Player of the Week. Independence Bank is proud to sponsor a weekly article highlighting players in the areas where Independence Bank flourishes who embody the same type of revolutionary service to their respective football teams which has made Independence Bank unique and special in the banking industry.   

Today we honor a ’25 versatile player who played QB but was the ball club’s most effective RB too even where the club boasted one of the better RBs in the commonwealth in his graduating class in Markezz Hightower (’26). This week’s recipient had an incredible ’23 season, one which would see him register close to 2,000-yards passing (1,925), have a completion rate of .68544601, tally 1,287-yards rushing and over 3,000-yards total offense (3,212), and score 16-TDs rushing and throw 18-TDs against only five thrown interceptions while finishing second on the team in scoring with 104-points (or 9.5 per outing).

Most importantly, Kanyon Johnson helped lead his team to an 8-2 regular season before dropping its first playoff game to South Warren, a team which has performed very well at its level of play for many years and won numerous 5A titles. Today we honor Kanyon Johnson from Madisonville’s North Hopkins High.

Independence Bank is proud to sponsor a weekly article

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Madisonville-North Hopkins High is located just down the road from Independence Bank branches located on 1776 North Main Street and our featured branch today, the one on 629 East Center Street respectively.

East Center, Madisonville

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Kanyon Johnson is listed as a QB and an ATH. Those descriptors couldn’t be any more on the money.

Johnson threw for close to 2,000-yards a year ago (1,925) and 18-TDs. He was only intercepted five times and had a completion percentage darn close to 70% (.68544601).

Johnson led the team in rushing and that is saying something considering one of Kentucky’s very best RBs in the ’26 class, Markezz Hightower, also populates the offensive backfield. Johnson gained 1,287-yards rushing on 136-carries (9.46-ypc) and scored 16-rushing TDs.

Johnson threw for close to 2,000-yards, rushed for just under 1,300, gained over 3,000-total yards while accounting for 34-TDs rushing or passing; this may be the best pure athlete playing KHSAA football presently and his GPA is a 3.7

KSHAA statistical website/prospect’s “X” account

Now, we have explained many times that QBs don’t get credit for the points scored via the TD pass as those points are awarded the WRs. Because of this, it isn’t often the QB ranks very highly in the “points scored” category.

Kanyon Johnson, may be the best raw
athlete in Kentucky’s ’25 class

However, this isn’t true of dual threat guys who score TDs rushing, like Johnson. Johnson was second on the team in scoring with 104-points, or 9.5 a game, without factoring the 18-TDs he threw. That is accounting for a ton of offensive production.

Now Johnson’s athletic ability is legendary. I have heard of everything from monstrously athletic dunks to his turning flips in mid-air walking to gym class. We have seen evidence of the dunking ability so we will collaborate those stories. We do not, for a second, doubt the mid-air flips walking to gym class.

Legend or fact, the fact remains Kayon Johnson is among the freakiest athletes playing football in the KHSAA. He is 6’5,” and weighs a well-put-together 200-pounds.

If you are a college recruiter we might well advise getting involved here. Guys possessing this type athleticism, whose production demonstrates the versatility of a freakishly athletic skill set, don’t hang around long in the recruiting game.

Wink, wink… Just trying to help! Again, you do you…

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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