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’25 DB has been looking great at LB in the run box for his Gators

Some guys just look the part. Jaxson Howell is one of those guys. The ’25 prospect from Bowling Green’s Greenwood High (Gators) lists WR and DB as his positions. Last year, we would have called him a hybrid safety-linebacker, if we’re being honest, as he seemed (to us) to be used as an extra defender in the box. He is well put together, very athletic, has plenty of hops and bend, and appears to be a next level guy.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

Howell’s Hudl Profile

There was a show in the late sixties many of us caught in syndication. I believe it only ran in primetime for three (3) seasons (1964-67), but its impact on American culture in my formative years was undeniable. The name of the show was “Gilligan’s Island.”

Greenwood’s Mr. Howell

Gilligan’s Island had such an impact on me in my formative years that, growing up, I thought there were only two types of women in the world.

One type was the classic statuesque, runway model/actress type we called “The Ginger,” after the character from this show with that name. The other was the girl next door, wholesome type we called “The Mary Ann,” again named for the character on the show.

I have always been a Mary Ann type myself. If you don’t understand the reference, go ask your father or grandfather.

Jaxson Howell…may be a millionaire…he is certainly rich in athletic talent and ability

Friday Night Fletch

The show also had a character named Thurston Howell, III. Mr. Howell was portrayed by veteran character actor, Jim Backus, who used a Locust Valley lockjaw accent in his portrayal of a stereotypical member of the New England, Yankee elite.

(l) Ginger; (r) Mary Ann

Mr. Howell was a millionaire. Lots of good that does someone on a deserted island where the currency is generally measured in coconuts, bananas and what ever else may be found for safe consumption.

We also have a Mr. Howell in our show we call the KHSAA. Our Mr. Howell is Jaxson Howell from Greenwood High. Jaxson Howell may be a millionaire too, for all we know; but, even if he isn’t, he is certainly rich in athletic talent and ability.

Howell, the one from Greenwood, is a 6’0,” 180-pound guy who can play WR, can play DB, can play LB. Versatility is a beautiful thing.

Howell had 51-tackles in ’23 and 2-TFLs

KHSAA statistical website

Howell had 51-tackles in ’23 and 2-TFLs. His team finished 7-4 and is in the toughest district, maybe in Kentucky, certainly in 5A (District 2).

Greenwood had to contend with South Warren and Bowling Green every year in its district race. BGHS has won 8-state titles, and South Warren, though having not participated too long in the KHSAA, has three titles in the last eight or so seasons.

Greenwood has been good of late and has appeared ready to break through on the commonwealth stage. Seniors Cam Smith (QB) and Tel Tel Long (RB) are out of eligibility. Guys like Howell will need to step up. That will probably include Howell playing more offense to go along with what he has contributed defensively.

It will require an abundance of riches, athletically, to fit that bill. Good thing the Gators have a Howell around to attempt to cash the check. We hear Howells have no problem with that sort of thing.

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