Greenwood High School’s Hayden Lasley is this Week’s Revolutionary POW…

This Week's Independence Bank Revolutionary Player of the Bank is...

There is no better time than the present to anoint another Independence Bank player of the week. Independence Bank is proud to sponsor a weekly article highlighting players in the areas where Independence Bank flourishes who embody the same type of revolutionary service to their respective football teams which has made Independence Bank unique and special in thebanking industry. Independence Bank has a goal of achieving everyday excellence, and this week we are focusing on a player whose performance exceeded both the Gators’ and the Bowling Green, Kentucky community’s expectations. We are focusing on the class of 2019 center, Hayden Lasley, from Greenwood High School right down the road from three Independence Bank branches located on 2415 Nashville Road; 1950 Scottsville Road; and Williamsburg Square, 877 Fairview Avenue.

The way we see it at KPGFootball, the Gators of Greenwood High School are limited to two options at one of its most important positions in 2018, offensive center. The Gators can either go with Class of 2022, rising freshman, JD Croslin at 6-3, 260 pounds or they can go with Class of 2019’s Hayden Lasley, 6-3, 230. This is a pretty important decision to make for several reasons. First, Greenwood is a Class 5A football team which will play 5A opponents who generally align a defender over top the center, whether the defender is a shaded one technique or a zero in an odd front. Secondly, the defender deployed over the center is usually among the best players on the opposing defense, and in many cases, the very best defender. Third, the fastest way to get pressure in the face of the QB, and to put a defense in negative down and distance situations or force a turnover, is with middle pressure. Fourth, Greenwood has been a ground based attack, offensively, gaining 3,380 yards rushing over its twelve games a year ago. We at KPGFootball think the Gators will opt with the junior, Hayden Lasley, as opposed to throwing a freshman into deep, tumultuous waters. Center is a faceless, thankless, position which has to be manned by, usually, the smartest and toughest son of a gun along the offensive front. From what we have heard, Hayden Lasley fits that bill rather well.

Congratulations to Hayden Lasley for his Revolutionary Play which has earned him this week’s recognition from the fastest growing bank in the Commonwealth of Kentucky…your friends at Independence Bank.

This is Fletcher Long reporting for KPGFootball reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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If you enjoyed this article and wish to gain full-access to the site, then subscribe monthly to Kentucky Prep Gridiron by following the prompts!


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