Elijah Blakey…like a long, tall, piece of twisted steel!

Elijah Blakey, All-State, Kentucky Future Star, Middle School, D-1 State-Champion

Championships are won in the offseason.  All-State, All-American caliber players are built in the offseason.  We find out every fall whether the team or player has put in the work to be the very best.  That’s why players like Jalin Bross and Elijah Blakey spend their offseason with B&B Precision Training.  It’s hard work, but look at the results.

The picture above is of Elijah Blakey and his dad, Coach Melvin Blakey, III, with the Division 1 State Championship Trophy.  They really won this during the offseason which parlayed into a brilliant season culminating in beating the Bowling Green Purples in the Championship game.

Elijah is a 6’2,” 160 pound long-striding edge target who is too big, smooth, and fast for Ricco Hughes to pass on having in Clarksville next month in the Tennessee-Kentucky Future Stars Classic.  That may be Ricco’s thinking but here at Kentucky Prep Gridiron we know that Elijah Blakely will be in Clarksville, Tennessee next month representing the Commonwealth of Kentucky because of how and where he spends his offseason.  No one X-Boxs his way on any National or State All-Star team.

Elijah has plus length, plus speed, plus height, and runs disciplined routes denoting the fact he is a Coach’s son.  He is also a respectful and well-mannered young man who played for this author in this past years East-West Kentucky All-State game which means there is more than just football coaching going on around the Blakely household and more than just Dad is doing the coaching around there, I suspect.

Elijah is slated to attend Louisville’s DuPont Manual High School and DMHS is getting a 2021 edge target who will logged significant minutes as a frosh and may start by years’ end.  I know I say that about every subject about whom I write here on Kentucky Prep Gridiron, but give me a break, I am only writing about the very best 2021 players in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Well, anyhow, good luck covering Elijah Blakey Team Tennessee in Clarksville.  You better have some length in the back 4 or they better be able to jump like the dickens.  Remember ballers…PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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