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Trigg County Football; 2-State Titles, 1 Runner-up, 3-Regional Titles, and 10-districts

’26 linebacker passes the ‘eye test;’ passes the ‘play test’ too

Ahmari Alexander is an example of the really fine football players we have in the ’26 class across Kentucky. Alexander is a guy we call “Double A” around the office at the magazine. He plays both MLB and OLB with the mobility to be slotted either place (offensive position: RB). In spite of Trigg’s struggles, Alexander has had a strong year. If he works hard and takes to coaching, this is a kid who could play somewhere on Saturday. Before we sweat Saturdays, we have to dominate Friday nights…and Alexander appears on his way.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

In the football world we all call it different things. However, we all have a name for it.

I have heard it called the “eye test.” I have heard it called the “bus test.” I even have a friend in the coaching community, who was a two-time All-American in college, refer to it as the “airport test.”

He says the guys walking through the airport, on the way to the flight to the game, who “look the part” pass the Airport test. Whatever it is called, we know it when seeing it.

The guys who look like football players. The guys with the thick necks, bulging arms, wide shoulders, barrel-chests or the skills with the long limbs, cut-up physiques, who have an athlete’s bounce or gait; these are the guys we are describing when we discuss the “eye, bus, or airport” test.

Trigg’s Ahmari Alexander easily passes the test regardless of what you call it, especially for a 10th grader. Being honest, I was somewhat surprised to learn he wasn’t older than a sophomore.

Joe Jaggers won two state titles at Trigg in the early 70’s

KHSAA statistical website

Now a lot of talent generally comes through the football program at Trigg County. Joe Jaggers won a couple titles there in the early 70’s, Dixie Jones took them to a title game in ’89, and Curtis Higgins had some mighty strong teams in Cadiz before going on to a Greater Louisville Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame career at Fern Creek.

Trigg has won 3-regional titles and 10-districts in addition to the 2-state titles and its runner-up finish in ’89. This is not a program accustomed to losing.

Last year, Trigg County won 7-games and spent a considerable time in the Associated Press’s top-10, statewide poll. Had its star QB not fallen to injury, one has to wonder where that team finishes.

This season, Trigg has…been forced to play a ton of freshmen and sophomores

Friday Night Fletch

It has been harder sledding this season. Trigg has been inexperienced in its offensive backfield and has been forced to play a ton of freshmen and sophomores. Still, some of these young guns have played very, very well.

Ahmari Alexander is one of the sophomores whose performance this year has given hope to the Wildcat faithful. Alexander has registered 32-tackles and 3-TFLs on defense this year in his eight (8) games of run.

Get that head up son! Alexander moves in to tackle a ball carrier from Caldwell County

Alexander is a specimen for a player so young. Alexander bench presses 255, squats 365, deadlifts 350, and power cleans 245. The power clean number speaks to his explosion and is one which should stand out to recruiters.

No telling where those numbers finish as he matures. This will probably be a 300+ power cleaner, 300+ bench presser before he leave the Wildcat field house for the last time.

Alexander’s bench press of 255 and power clean of 245 will only go way up as this prospect matures

Friday Night Fletch

He should continue to progress in his football career. Alexander should continue to put up impressive numbers in the weight room and on the playing field. Foremost, this guy is only going to pass the “airport test” more and more as he approaches adulthood.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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