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Bryce Holbrook, '27 QB, should challenge for PT as a frosh

’27 QB may prove to be among the better at his position in Kentucky

There is a lot about Bryce Holbrook to love. He has a good frame, is tall and lean for his stage of development indicative of a likelihood he will get both taller and longer. He stands tall, delivers the football from a high release point, and can make all the throws. He just may be the next big thing at the QB position in the Appalachia Mountains. The Mountains have produced quite a few.

HB Lyon, Scouting Division, KPGFootball

There are certain things about this young QB (’27) which jump right out at the observer. First of all, he has excellent balance and foot work.

There are people already proclaiming him the new “King of the Mountain” among ’27 QB’s. That is heady praise, the mountains have produced some prolific QB’s. Ever heard of Tim Couch?

We would imagine this comes from his getting private QB-tutelage from the likes of Walker Wood. Wood, a former UK and McNeese State QB himself, teaches private lessons from his facility, QB Reign, in Lexington. Wood would know the goods when seeing them.

Folks around Prestonsburg are really excited about this young QB and the talent surrounding him

Fletcher Long, KPGFootball, Senior Sports Writer

Holbrook is 5’10,” and weighs 150-pounds. We can’t really regale you with his MS numbers as most middle school programs don’t keep statistics. We are lucky he put some film on YouTube. We have linked that for you beneath his picture.

We can tell you folks around Prestonsburg are really excited about this young QB and the talent surrounding him pipelining onto this coming ’23 roster. Prestonsburg had fallen on hard times, but Brandon Brewer really bought the Blackcats back in ’22 posting an 8-3 work-slate.

Kind of reminds folks of the Blackcats of old. Lots of teams are going to be anxious about these cats showing up on the schedule. Especially if what we hear about Holbrook proves true.

Is he the new King of the Mountain? We shall see…

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