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Cooper Robinson does so many things well now, it is scary to think he is barely scratching the surface of what he can become.

’26 RB/DB had promising year; will make huge strides next season

Cooper Robinson was among the more physically gifted 9th graders playing 5A football across Kentucky over the ’22 season. He gained 9-games of action as a freshman which, standing alone, is quite an accomplishment. This player is only going to get bigger, stronger, more explosive, and faster.

Fletcher Long, KPGFootball Chief of Scouting

Let me just say, not all freshmen are created equally. Not all freshmen clip off 40-yard dashes in 4.6-seconds. Not all freshmen bench press 255-pounds, particularly when they, themselves, don’t weigh but 150. Not all freshman squat 405.

We were talking with a college coach once and he told us to play football in the SEC one will be expected to bench press one and a half times his body weight, squat two and a half times his body weight, and power clean north of 300-pounds.

We don’t know whether this is true. We have never heard it disputed.

Now Robinson weighs 150-pounds. Two-hundred, twenty-five (225) pounds would be one and a half times his body weight and he benches 255. Three-hundred, seventy-five (375) pounds would be two and a half times his body weight and he squats 405.

Reaching SEC levels, strength-wise, in 9th-grade is an accomplishment worthy of memorialization. Weight numbers are what they are. There is no faking them. No one is born with them. They are earned. They say something positive and the work ethic of players who have earned them.

Robinson is no light weight on the football field. He recorded an honorable amount of tackles a year ago and even registered a TFL. He also carried the football once.

Look for all of those numbers to exponentially increase. This kid here will be a star for North Laurel in 2023.

This is a write down this name moment. When he blows up, and he will, we’ll be around to crow about having been the first to cover it.

That’s what we do. We do quite a bit of crowing.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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