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Carlos Mason; now healthy, look out!

’25 OL/DL should make plenty of plays when fully healthy

We wrote bout this kid in August of 2021 when he was at South Hopkins. We believed, and justifiably, he would be a huge addition to the roster at Central. When he played, he played mighty well. He succumbed to injury in ’22 and The Storm is anxious to see what he does when healthy. He’s a powerful and athletic kid with plenty of burst, power, and athleticism.

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Coming out of 8th-grade at South Hopkins, Carlos Mason (No. 52) was poised to make quite an impact. Mason was all set to take the world by storm, pun intended. We even featured him then.

In ’22, in the four games he was healthy enough to play, Mason played very well. The 5’10,” 230-pound ball-seeking missile had 10-tackles, three (3)-TFL’s, a QB-sack and a FF.

That is quite a lot of production for four (4)-games. There were quite a few plus plays for that limited amount of run.

Now for those who don’t know, a “plus play” is a defined term in football. They are plays which put the team in a better position to succeed, or even win, at the end of the day.

Looking at Mason’s limited amount of work, he had (3)-TFL’s, a sack, and forced a fumble. He played in parts of four games and had five “plus plays.” Extrapolate those numbers out over a 12-13 game season and where would a player find himself? Probably on the All-State football team.

We interviewed Coach Manning about his prospect. Manning told KPGFootball, “Mason moves well, is strong and powerful, we believe he will get plenty of snaps in 2023 to show everyone of what he is capable.”

In Mason’s limited amount of work, he had (3)-TFL’s, a sack, and forced a fumble

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Manning went on to tell us, “We’ve contemplated using Mason some at FB. He’s just too crucial to the OL/DL, going forward, to play FB too. I am not ruling it out completely.”

Plays OL too

Mason is the kind of ’25 prospect who will start asserting himself on Friday nights as soon as the ’23 season commences. It is now their time…they are now on the clock.

As for his prospects, next level, Mason will first have to demonstrate he is fully healthy. Should that be the case, and we hear it is, he has big upside and recruit-ability.

We have seen lots of kids, built exactly like Mason, go next-level and thrive. Those low-leverage, explosive, powerhouses can be a handful to block at the next level and guys like Mason have thrived at the interior OL, particularly at center, in the past; and will do so in the future.

First we have to take care of Friday night. Hey, Mason; sick ’em!

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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