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An all-time Burke

’26 OL proving among the best in ’26 class

Camden James Burke is 6’3,” and weighs 275-pounds. He got eight (8) games of run on the varsity as a sophomore playing 6A football and was derailed (by injury) from playing even more. Burke was among the club leaders in “pancake” blocks and has already been offered by Hanover College to continue his development up in Indiana. He is a fine player, with an excellent frame, who is only going to get better as he matures.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

Sophomore Season Highlight


There are lots of famous Burkes. There is the father of conservatism (Edmund Burke) the preacher who helped shape rhythm and blues (Solomon Burke), and the famous female actor from the 80s (Delta Burke).

Edmund Burke’, circa 1760, Photo by
The Print Collector via Getty Images

Edmund Burke may be foremost among the clan as a proponent of principles associated with early conservatism. Burke was a Member of Parliament (House of Commons) and was very critical of the actions of the British empire visa vie its actions towards the American colonies regarding the taxation policies which spawned the revolutionary war and the birth of this nation.

“Burke” is a Norman-Irish surname. It derives from the ancient Anglo-Norman and Hiberno-Norman noble dynasty, the House of Burgh. We are willing to bet today’s feature may not have known any of this.

Our “Burke” is as distinguished, for our purposes, as any of his forebears. Camden James Burke from Madison Central (6A), coming off his sophomore season, is also (most probably) among the surname’s physically imposing members and likely leads the clan in “pancake blocks.”

Our “Burke” is as distinguished for our purposes as any of his forebears

Friday Night Fletch

There is a video of our guy’s pancakes above linked. Feel free to provide video evidence of the father of conservatism’s knocking someone prostrate to the ground. Good luck with that.

Burke is 6’3,” and weighs a very well put together 275-pounds. Burke has plus length and carries a 3.45 GPA.

Burke was among the team’s leaders in “pancake” blocks. Burke has already been offered by Hanover College.

One usually doesn’t see a D-3 power offer a kid this early. When it happens; it has significance.

We haven’t talked to anyone at Hanover about this offer. However, usually when a D-3 pulls the trigger this early (Burke is a ’26 kid), it signifies the school wants to be the kid’s “first offer” so, if things fall the program’s way, it gets a signature from a prospect who may have D-1 skills and frame but has found his way to D-3 for some reason other than football.

Hanover College has already offered Burke and Hanover is among the more prestigious and academically renown institutions in the country

Friday Night Fletch

NCAA D-3 schools are among the most prestigious and academically renown institutions in the country. Some people, mindful of career advancement, may find it advantageous to get a degree from a Hanover College, Centre College, or a Johns Hopkins as opposed to a degree from your [insert the name] state funded University.

We aren’t all driven by the same motivations. Some of us consider things outside of just football.

In any event, Camden Burke is a large young man who is aggressive, well put together, smart, and has proven himself capable of big-time play. Look for this guy to get on some All-Something teams when his junior year has come full circle.

All the other “Burkes” have seemed to fair well in history. No reason to discount ours.

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