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Isaac "Wheels" Turner, '24 three phase player

’24 three-phase performer works to get his team “right” for district run

Wheels Turner is a five-foot nothing, one-hundred and nothing, fantastic, high school football playing Jesse. He is fast, slippery, and just finds ways to contribute to his team’s success. We have featured him before, as this link will validate, and he is worthy of any and all attention from us he may realize. There will always be a place for Isaac Turner in the high school game.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

Archie Griffin was a diminutive Heisman winner for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Matter of fact, Griffin won two Heismans.

Griffin, like Isaac “Wheels” Turner (’24), wasn’t very big. Griffin was listed at 5’9,” 185-pounds and the height was probably a bit generous.

Griffin liked to say, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” Archie Griffin was the manifestation of the sentiment.

So, too, is Wheels Turner.

Wheels hasn’t had many touches so far this season. Perhaps we have just discovered the root of some of Breathitt’s troubles this year. This season began with so much promise, at least until the games got played.

Still, Breathitt enters Friday night’s home game with Somerset definitively in the district title chase. Lose, and they still have an excellent shot at a two-seed and a home opener in this year’s playoffs.

Wheels has averaged 10-or so yards, every carry, from scrimmage

Wheels has averaged 10-or so yards, every carry, from scrimmage so far this year. Wheels averages 18-yards a touch when he is targeted in the passing game.

Wheels averages 13.2 yards every time he touches the ball regardless of how it is given him. Wheels scores a TD every 7th-touch.

Archie Griffin

Those numbers demonstrate how dangerous he is offensively when he gets the ball in space. Wheels plays defense and special teams too.

On defense, Turner is among the team leaders in tackles and has forced a fumble. Turner is also among the team leaders in passes broken up (PBU’s).

On special teams he is the team’s most lethal return man. Turner returns both kicks and punts.

Now Breathitt enters its contest with Somerset a disappointing 2-4. This is somewhat deceptive as the Bobcats lost to Perry County Central by three (3) and Letcher County by four (4). The ‘Cats are seven points from 4-2.

On special teams [Turner] is the team's most lethal return man

Somerset will enter the game 4-2 as they lost to Perry County Central by a single point and Campbellsville by one-score. The game will be for the district as Somerset and Breathitt are easily the best two teams in the 6th, in our humble opinion.

BRENDON D. MILLER  Copyright: 

Leslie (4-2) County would take issue with that. We have run the matchups through the computer, back at our offices, and the computer tells us, if the teams played today, Breathitt beats Leslie by 14-points and Danville by the same margin.

What about Prestonsburg, the district seven opponent with which the ‘Cats close? The computer says Breathitt tops the Blackcats by 16.

If Breathitt can overcome Somerset, there is a good chance the Bobcats can slide into postseason, 6-4 and with the district regular season championship. Not what Breathitt thought entering the season, but a battle hardened group on a roll nonetheless.

There is one thing for certain. It would behoove the ‘Cats to get the football into the hands of Isaac “Wheels” Turner and let him “turn (and tear) it up!”

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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