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DL nightmare, Bo Stinson pulling across the formation headed your way! No thanks!

Bo Stinson is rounding into All-State contention and shape

He’s literally bench pressing guys out there and knocking off their helmets. You can tell he’s a Stinson.

KPGFootball’s Bourbon County Scout

There is a funny story about an old football coach who was being asked by a college recruiter about a kid the old coach was insinuating hadn’t put in the offseason effort for stardom. The way the story goes the old football coach looked at the college recruiter and says “I am not trying to say he hasn’t been working but let us just leave it like this…the boy ain’t got no lines in him.”

We have heard players referred to as “smooth” in physique. That is just another way of saying basically the same thing.

None of this is Bo Stinson’s problem in the least. Matter of fact we can’t see where he is having any problems at all entering his senior season.

Bo Stinson

We talked to his head football coach, David Jones. Jones, who played for the Kentucky Wildcats just like Bo’s daddy, Robert “Big Cat” Stinson, had this to say about the younger Stinson.

Stinson is playing a really physical brand of football and drawing a ton of college recruiting interest heading into the season.

David Jones, Head Football Coach Bourbon County High

“Bo Stinson looks the part. Stinson is playing a really physical brand of football and drawing a ton of college recruiting interest heading into the season. He is tossing linemen around upfront. Heck, I am starting to feel sorry for some of these guys. It can’t be fun for them.”

Stinson has gained 40+ pounds from when we last saw him playing as a junior. Stinson, who now weighs around 265, 270 pounds, stands around 6’3″ tall on a frame which looks like it might well add a late inch or two of height before this next season is finished.

Stinson plays primarily along the offensive front with some spot duty on defense. However, remember this; his daddy, Robert Stinson, played 4-years along UK’s defensive front in the SEC and the elder Stinson played it very, very well.

Are we insinuating some college may convert Bo Stinson into a DL at the next level? Well, what word is stronger than insinuating? If you can come up with one, plug in that word.

The boy is a “Stinson.” Gotta give a “Stinson” at least a look along the defensive front. Wouldn’t you agree?

In any event, the kid is on everyone’s “watch list” going into the ’22 season. By everyone, we mean All-State voters and college recruiters alike.

Keep this kid on your list going forward. You will be hearing a lot more from him as we go along this coming season.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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  1. Thank you for speaking the truth about this player. Hard working and self motivation have brought him to this point as well as the fact that he “ listens to his parents and coaches.

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