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The funny thing is, as good as Stringer was, and he was one of the best that program has ever produced, the Storm may be even more challenging to defend with No. 5 (Jaden Brasher) behind center.

Anonymous, Class 4A, First-District football coach

First off, we have to say as an organization, that when Fletcher Long and Greg Gough put their heads together and started Kentucky Prep Gridiron, there was no way anyone could forecast this dream of theirs would ever publish two-thousand (2,000) articles. With the publishing of today’s article, it has done exactly that. The achievement is both humbling and somewhat astounding.

KPGFootball (as it would come to be known) started with a goal of furnishing a forum to discuss Kentucky middle and high school football. The founders of KPGFootball believed amateur football in the commonwealth was both a fine product and a product with a sufficiently devoted following avid enough to support football’s being covered daily and year around. Many years later, these touchstone beliefs have borne true.

For our two-thousandth article we chose to focus on a very special player. Jaden Brasher, from Hopkins County Central, is a special athlete with a stunning skill-set.

The Storm, as athletic teams from Hopkins County Central High School are commonly referenced, just graduated a QB easily among the very best to have ever played the position at that particular program. Adrian Stringer completed 141 of his 278-passing attempts over his senior year for 2,337-yards passing and 18-TDs against 11-picks while leading his charges to a 6-5 mark and a playoff birth.

Stringer could move the ball on the ground. He gained 352-yards rushing on 64-carries, eight of which he carried across the goal line.

Stringer was richly rewarded for his efforts. After his high school career ran out of eligibility, Stringer signed to play college football with Illinois College.

Stringer will become a Blueboy. Hopefully, Stringer will make the Blueboys contenders in the Midwest Conference.

We told you all this to tell you one more thing. Jaden Brasher, had he not had a season ending injury in ’21, may have challenged Stringer for the QB-1 post before the year was finished.

Is Brasher a better QB prospect than Stringer? Hard to say.

Only seven-percent (7%) of high school players move on to the college game. Fewer still get on the field. Stringer has made the first seven-percent. We believe he will enroll in the smaller subset too.

Regardless of which of the two is the better prospect, there is one thing we both can and will say. Brasher has quite the impressive tool chest filled to the brim with skills which may make Brasher as good or better running the Storm’s offense on Friday nights.

We know that is a mouthful. Doesn’t make it any less true.

Brasher is an athlete’s, athlete. Brasher is 6-1 and as slippery as a greased pig.

Brasher is a dynamic athlete, starring at QB in football and playing both shortstop and second-base for the varsity baseball team. The middle infield, in baseball, is not where teams deploy its klutzes.

Brasher throws the ball well, delivering it quickly and with zip. He also is very dangerous outside a defense’s containment; able to make teams pay for mistakes and missteps.

Have you ever heard the expression, “He’s hard to tackle in a phone booth?” Well, Brasher is hard to tackle in a phone booth.

We are thrilled to feature this guy today. It is our 2,000th article which will make this piece forever special, just like Jaden Brasher.

It is now Brasher’s time to shine. Today, in this article, Brasher has shone on a bright stage across our commonwealth.

Brasher has waited patiently. He’s done everything asked of him. He has gotten himself prepared to take his team to the mountain-top.

Now, just get out of his way! Here he comes.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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