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King Williams Jr. is a cut above normal 8th-graders athletically

Middle school football star already built like a grown man

I have personally seen this guy grow and develop over the years as his father and I know each other pretty well (in the interest of full disclosure). However, that aside, my knowing your father really (at the end of the day) doesn’t mean much when it comes to my opinion as the Head Scout at KPGFootball. This kid can play. I have lots of friends. I don’t have many friends with sons built like this kid.

Fletcher Long

When we first went online, we were mainly a publication which covered the middle school football game. We figured the high schoolers got enough coverage and the middle schoolers weren’t covered much at all.

Covering the middle school game is challenging. Won/lost record aren’t really kept anywhere aside from a parent’s heart and statistics at the middle school level are non-existent.

Covering the middle school game is challenging

HB Lyon, Senior Sports Writer, KPGFootball

Still, if you know what you’re doing (and we certainly do), middle school though a challenge to cover isn’t impossible. It takes some teamwork from scouts working together with the magazine but we have proven there is a market for it and that it can be successfully and accurately covered.

King Williams, Jr. (’27) played QB for Trigg County Middle this past Fall. He helped guide the middle school Wildcats to the regional championship game. The Wildcats lost the regional to a tradition-rich, Campbellsville team; but that round was as far as this Trigg program has advanced since we have been covering the beat.

Williams is just a special kid, particularly physically. He is 6’0,”185-pounds with elite 40-yard dash and shuttle times reported on Next College Student Athlete.

King Williams, Jr…helped guide the middle school Wildcats to the regional championship game [this past Fall]

HB Lyon

According to that particular national publication, Williams runs a 4.5-second 40 and shuttles in 4.6-seconds. Williams bench presses 250-pounds and squats 260-pounds. For a 14-year old, all of those numbers are mind-boggling.

Assuming all of the above are accurate, and we have no reason to doubt the published figures, this is a kid who would figure to start just about at any program, day-one, as a 9th-grader. Where that program will be is anyone’s guess.

[K]id…figure[s] to start just about at any program, day-one, as a 9th-grader…

Fletcher Long

According to our information, the KHSAA doesn’t gain jurisdiction over a prospect until that prospect competes in a varsity sport or enters the 9th-grade, whichever should first occur. Our information is Williams played football this fall at Trigg Middle but is presently enrolled at Hopkinsville Middle in neighboring Hopkinsville.

What that means is some program, somewhere, stands a very good chance of gaining a 9th-grader with 11th-grade or higher skills and physicality. We know 9th-graders can impact programs regardless of that program’s level of competition. We have seen plenty examples of this.

Are we getting ready, along with the British Empire, to become accustomed to shouting, “God save the King!?” Probably not; as such formality is wasted on Kentucky high school football.

All Hail the King[!] is something we are quite sure some area high schools are busy practicing

HB Lyon

However, “All Hail the King[!]” is something we are quite sure some area high schools are busy practicing even as you read this. Some team, somewhere, better prepare to shout this on Friday nights in the not too distant future.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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