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Caldwell's program is struggling (0-8) but McClung's crew is getting better...

’26 two-way star thriving on a young roster taking its licks

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Cooper Mobley is a 6’1,” 210-pound grown man playing football at the 2A level in the western end of Kentucky. Mobley is also an accomplished “thrower” on the varsity Track & Field team which says quite a lot about his explosion. Mobley only played in 7-games for Caldwell over the course of his freshman season. This season Mobley has been involved in the growing process which naturally occurs when a program’s best players are sophomores or younger and that program toils in one of 2A’s better districts. Mobley is a superior athlete and a fantastic football player from whom fans will hear increasingly as he matriculates toward Saturday ball.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball predicts: Crittenden County (Marion, KY) 28 (87%), Caldwell County (Princeton, KY) 10 (13%)

If there is one thing covering football across the commonwealth has taught us, it is there are fine players on every roster regardless of the team’s misfortunes. Caldwell County is a traditionally rich program accustomed to competing for district, regional, and even Kentucky state championships at its level of competition.

Formerly wore “3,” now “8”

This year, the Tigers from Princeton are 0-8. They are getting better, as they proved last Friday night in hanging around Murray High as long as they did, but the Tigers are young and struggling.

Not all of the Tigers are struggling. There is Cooper Mobley.

Mobley is a kid was have before covered. Mobley won the Mingua Beef Jerky Protein-packed Performer prize package back in July of 2023. Mobley also was hailed as a top 2nd and 3rd level defender among players in his graduating class.

Mobley is the younger brother of a former, first team All-State, now high school coach, Jackson Mobley. Big Brother played for Pulaski County, back in the day, in a defensive second level folks called “The Four Horsemen.” Those Mobleys can flat-out ball.

Mobley has good size for the 2nd level

Friday Night Fletch

Mobley has good size for the second level. Mobley is 6’1,” and a svelte 210-pounds.

What kind of an athlete is he? Track & Field is a spring sport and we don’t know what Mobley will do this spring. However, last spring as only a freshman, Mobley put the 12-lb. shot, 43 feet, eight (8)-inches. Mobley threw the discus 134-feet.

Here’s something even scarier, the 210-pound linebacker is sufficiently fast to double at SS. As a freshman, Mobley had a 96-yard, pick-six, saying quite a bit about his speed.


What has Mobley done in ’23? After all, the team’s struggles have been significant.

“Coop,” as we call him is Caldwell’s second leading rusher, sixth leading receiver, and fourth leading scorer. Defensively, Coop is second on the team in tackles (48), tied for fourth in TFLs, and tied for second in INTs

He’s played in all eight (8)-games. The statistics we cite here are seven games worth. The statistics from the Murray High game were not online when we wrote this piece. 

Mobley has a 31-inch vertical, bench pressed 245 pounds preseason, and repped the middle school rep-weight (185-pounds) on the bench press more than 10X’s. Mobley squats 405, deadlifts 500, and power cleans 225. He’s a specimen. predicts: Caldwell County 28 (53%), Trigg County (Cadiz, KY) 27 (47%)

How do Mobley’s Tigers figure to finish. Can they win one of the remaining two games and avoid a winless campaign?

The upcoming trip to Marion, Kentucky looks worrisome. The Rockets will be an 18-point favorite in that game.

The season finale is in Princeton, Kentucky against long time rival and nemesis, Trigg County. Now the Tigers have a real chance here. They will be favored by a solitary point and the Wildcats have been eliminated from the playoffs though it generally doesn’t require much to get the Tigers from Cadiz motivated to play Caldwell.

Either way, Tiger fans know they can count on Cooper Mobley leading the team and performing at an All-state level. After all, his is a Mobley.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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