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Warren Central, once a proud football program in Bowling Green, KY standing a bit taller after Friday night!

Hard luck 4A program comes out of the wilderness by winning its first game in six-years, 10-months, and four-days

Warren Central has won a football game for the first time in darn close to seven years. Crazy thing is, they come off the bus well, have loads of athletic talent roaming the hallways, and may be positioned to run the record to 2-0 when they unload the bus in Cadiz, Kentucky this coming Friday night. Has the temperature dropped in a certain underground domain?

Fletcher W. Long, KPGFootball Senior Scout

According to WBKO, which is the local television station in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the last win on the football field for Warren Central’s Dragons occurred October 16, 2015. We cross checked this with the KHSAA, online records from previous seasons and WBKO is on the money.

That night in 2015, Warren Central would vanquish Warren East, 23-12, at home. Little could the Dragons even possibly conceive that would be the program’s last win until this past Friday night (August 19, 2022).

We are talking close to 2,500-days, exactly six-years, 10-months, and four-days before winning another football game. They weren’t off in between either. They were playing a regular slate of in-season, weekly games in the Class 4A’s, second district the entire time.

Ding Dong, the witch is dead…

Harold Arlen, 1939, from “The Wizard of Oz”

The last time Warren Central had tasted victory on the football field, the number one song was The Hills by The Weekend. Justin Bieber had the highest charting song in Great Britain that same week.

In 2015, Barack Obama was the US President running down the homestretch of his second term in office. A certain primary candidate for the republican nomination was in hot water for making a desultory comment about a CNN news anchor’s menstrual cycle. “Miss Piggy” and “Kermit the Frog” had finally called their relationship “quits” on Twitter.

All these years, months, weeks, and days later, Warren Central can finally say, “We’re on pace to go 10-0.” It has to feel fantastic.

Friday night, the Dragons downed Bullitt Central in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, 13-0. With that victory, the Dragons have exorcised an entire program full of demons.

The seniors want to play so badly, they want to change what has been going on so badly.

Mark Nelson, Head Football Coach, Warren Central

Coach Mark Nelson was interviewed prior to the game on WBKO. Nelson told the television station, “The seniors want to play so badly, they want to change what has been going on so badly.”

One of those seniors, Deanglo Patterson (junior highlights above linked under his picture), is among the fastest players playing high school football today across Kentucky (4.42 in the 40). Patterson had something to tell the television station, “For everyone who [has] doubted us, we got something for you.”

For everyone who [has] doubted us, we got something for you.

Deanglo Patterson, ’23, WR/RB/DB

On the crest of a trip to Cadiz, Kentucky to lengthen the present win streak to two games against Trigg County’s Wildcats, themselves coming off a convincing inaugural win over Todd County, aren’t those words menacing? Might they also be also prophetic?

Warren Central has plenty of athletes roaming its hallways. Have you ever seen the program play basketball?

Warren Central routinely challenges for Kentucky supremacy on the hardwood. How much of a stretch could it possibly be to believe Coach Nelson could carve out a successful and competitive program on the gridiron?

It doesn’t tax our imaginations much at all. We believe it to be very attainable in the category of program goals.

You may count us down as “believers” at KPGFootball. After all, as newly minted football fans of the Dragons; we’re undefeated baby!

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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