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We ran into Toby Cercone and his father on Toby’s “Junior Day” visit to Centre Football. Both of the Cercone men were rough, tough customers and Toby has a large, dense, solid frame ideal for deployment along either of a team’s lines of scrimmage in college.

Fletcher W. Long, Editorial Board, KPGFootball

The first question we feel compelled to ask is a rather straight forward one. Were any of us even alive the last time Jamie Reed’s South Oldham Dragons failed to win the 4th-District in the 5A classification?

We are kidding somewhat. You know to what we are alluding however.

The Dragons have had its way with its district for quite a while. It seems like a lifetime.

One recipe for success is having rough, tough, talented prospects along the interior. Enter today’s feature, Toby Cercone.

We feel certain “Cercone” is an Italian surname. We hate to generalize or stereotype, but Cercone plays left guard like a Mafia hitman. He’s lethal.

Cercone is 6-2 and weighs 280-pounds. He is a ’23 prospect who has been garnering quite a bit of Division I interest and has been making visits.

Coach Fletcher Long, a member of the magazine’s editorial board, told KPGFootball that he “…ran into Toby Cercone and his father on Toby’s ‘Junior Day’ visit to Centre Football.” Long continued that “both of the Cercone men were rough, tough customers.” Long concluded that “Toby has a large, dense, solid frame ideal for deployment along either of a team’s lines of scrimmage in college.”

Long said he asked Cercone whether he wanted to play on offense or defense in college as he has played some of both in high school. “I will play where I am needed,” Cercone responded.

Cercone was an all-District performer in ’21 and has his sites on even more prestigious hardware for his senior campaign. You heard it here first, the kid is a serious All-State candidate entering Fall, ’22.

Cercone visited Centre for “Junior Day”

Behind the line he helped anchor in ’21, the Dragons gained 4,348-yards of total offense in 13-games over which they were 9-4. The ground game was effective, gained 2,884-yards rushing in 440-carries with 40-TDs. If you call 6.55-yards per carry and a TD every 11th-carry efficient, (especially against 5A competition) then they were Uber-efficient.

Cercone is a hard charger who has the ability to double for his team some up front defensively. He blocks upfront like a converted D-lineman, which says quite a bit about both his disposition and aggressiveness.

Now we have before been characterized around the Kentucky prep football world as quite the keen evaluators of offensive line talent. We are going to cue you in on a not well-kept secret. We love us some Toby Cercone.

Watch his game film. We are sure you will too. He may be ’23’s premier interior OL in all of the commonwealth.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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