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’25 QB/ATH shone brightly in losing effort  

As Robert Burns once wrote in 1785, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” Deuce Bailey’s plan was to win Friday night’s matchup with Lexington’s Christian Academy. While it was a splendid plan, and while he had a splendid game, the plan just didn’t materialize. Brady Hensley had “other plans.” Hensley also had 402-yards rushing in 30-carries with 5-TD’s and 487-all purpose yards. While Bailey’s efforts didn’t net the Purples the win, as they dropped the opener to LCA 56-52, the performance didn’t go unnoticed. There isn’t a better dual threat guy in all of Kentucky.

HB Lyon, Chief Scout, KPGFootball

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KPGFootball on the quality of Mingua’s product

Most people in the know around Kentucky football circles realize there aren’t too many QB’s around Kentucky better than the junior, dual-threat from Bowling Green, Kentucky’s Senior High. “The Deuce,” as we refer to him around the offices of our magazine, gets loose and causes havoc for opposing defenses attempting to harness him.

The Deuce was up to his old tricks this past Friday night in a tough opener against Lexington’s Christian Academy (LCA). Now, LCA is a 2A school, which means absolutely, freaking nothing across the KHSAA landscape.

Good teams in Kentucky are just that, regardless of enrollment. LCA and Bowling Green are both very good teams.

Friday night was a perfect example. LCA and Bowling Green went “back and forth” all evening in what looked like a heavyweight, prize fight. Neither of the teams could subdue the other’s offense and the scoreboard ran out of lights with the final reading LCA 56-Bowling Green 52.

Hensley [was] carrying Purples like a momma possum carrying her young…

Former anonymous LCA position coach

Now Lexington Christian’s Brady Hensley (24) carried it 30-times from scrimmage and gained 402-yards with 5-TD’s and another 2-TD’s receiving. All told, Hensley tallied 487-total yards on the night.

We talked to a former coach at LCA. His words were, “Hensley’s runs weren’t patsy runs. They were man runs. Hensley looked like a freaking bulldozer carrying Purples like a momma possum carrying her young.”

Well, that is quite descriptive.

As for Bailey, there are noble efforts which don’t always net victory. Bailey completed 31 of his 42-passing attempts (74% completion rate) for 478-passing yards and 4-TD’s against only one pick.

The Deuce” passed for close to 500-yards (478), completed nearly 74% of his passing attempts, and had a TD:INT ratio of 4:1

KHSAA statistical website

Now it is a young season and both of these teams figure to be in this thing to the bitter end in each of their respective classifications. LCA travels to “Title Town” to play three-time, consecutive, defending Kentucky 4A football champion, Boyle County. “BG” is at Owensboro to face a tough and determined (Owensboro) Senior High coming off a loss to the Christian Academy-Louisville.

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This is Fletcher W. Long reporting (on his birthday) for Kentucky Prep Gridiron reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE and don’t forget to SAVOR THE FLAVOR! 

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