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Players like Logan Rodgers (WR) combing far and wide for their next team

5’10,” 160-pound speedster among the best WKY receivers in the game

Logan Rodgers can fly. This is something his track times and track & field career would certainly bolster. The heady, disciplined, and extremely athletic WR has been out on the recruiting trail as has been several of his teammates. We think the Blueboys from Illinois College have pulled in front for Rodgers’ services.

HB Lyon, Scouting Division, KPGFootball
The Blueboys have been rolling in ’23

The worst thing to ever happen to high school athletics, and college recruiting, are football parents who pretend themselves much more knowledgable than they actually are. I don’t care what Mom and Dad tell you, if you are playing any sport with a college’s name across your chest you are a really good player of that particular game.

A. Stringer

This Division One or Bust attitude some adopt which makes them turn down money to be a Preferred Walk-on is nonsense most of the time (but not always). Take the money. Get the free degree.

It may be academic money. Who cares so long as it isn’t your money.

Take Adrian Stringer as a for instance. There was no question when he was toiling in Mortan’s Gap on behalf of our Storm that he was one of our better QB’s in program history.

Stringer signed with Illinois College. He loves it there. He is still trying to carve out a role for himself.

All the other "Blueboys" were high school All-somethings too...
 Friday Night Fletch

It takes time. All the other “Blueboys” were high school All-somethings too.

Destin Chance, QB
Illinois College

Right now, Illinois College has one of the best QBs in the Midwest Conference if not the nation. Destin Chance, a junior QB, completed 21 of 33-passing attempts for 415-yards and 7-TDs against Grinnell not too long ago.

Clearly, unseating him will take quite an effort and a ton of commitment. It isn’t like Destin hasn’t earned his Chance.

Illinois College has intensified its efforts to attract Logan Rodgers to campus. They would love to reintroduce to the football world the downfield tandem of “Stringer to Rodgers.” Folks back home would equally love it.

We asked Logan Rodgers about his interest in Illinois College. He reports being very interested. “I love the flashy offense they run at Illinois College,” he told KPGFootball. “It is a very good fit for a vertical guy like me.”

[Illinois College] would love to reintroduce...the downfield tandem of "Stringer to Rodgers." 
Friday Night Fletch

Rodgers is a track & field sprinter who is a fully automated, 40-yard dasher in the 4.5s. Rodgers was double and triple teamed all year this season but still finished second on the team in receptions and yard receiving while posting a third on the team in TDs receiving.

Rodgers played some defense too. We can’t rule out his seeing some defense in college.

Rodgers, at defensive back, had a handful of tackles but was among the club leaders in PBUs. He has excellent speed and ball skills, perfect for the Blueboys roster.

We asked Rodgers about potentially playing with Adrian Stringer again and he told KPGFootball, “It would be awesome to ball out with Adrian. He and I have had really good chemistry [in the past].”

As for recruiting in general, Rodgers told us, “I’m just taking it slow[ly] and seeing what comes in and what’s going to be best for my future. [I am]just taking one step at a time.”

I’m just taking [recruiting] slow[ly] and seeing what comes in and what’s going to be best

Logan Rodgers, Hopkins Central Strom, Class of ’24

In the end, we don’t know where a kid is headed until he signs. James Posey has been heavily courted and just returned from an on-campus with the Kentucky State University Thoroughbreds in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Harley Egbert and Calil McNary are equally as busy as Posey and Rodgers on the visit/recruiting front. This will be a fun watch as the rest of the Storm hit the offseason to prepare to welcome new leaders and new Friday Night stars.

The old Stars will continue to shine. They will just be shining on a different night of the week!

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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