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Dane Parsley is a QB playing the position like a LB. Photo taken from the internet uncredited

’25 Dual-threat QB, has his Raiders Abandoning the “Lost Ark” for Championship Trophies!

This guy is far from being an herb or vegetable. This guy is a stud is what he is. Built like a linebacker with a linebacker’s mentality, he may be the best offensive football player in Kentucky’s ’25 class of prospects.

Fletcher W. Long, Senior Scout, KPGFootball

A garnish on a plate is meant purely as decorative. Carrying the same name as the species of flowing plant in the family of Apiaceae native to central and eastern Mediterranean regions (such as Sardinia, Lebanon, Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, southern-Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia), this guy’s name maybe “Parsley” but that is where the similarity ends. Our Parsley, Dane Parsley, has very little in common with the popular plate garnishment.

more palatable

One “parsley” is widely cultivated as either an herb or vegetable and included on many a dinner plate. The other “Parsley,” the one with the big-P, is tearing up high school football these days.

The other “Parsley” making the rounds in the KHSAA. This guy leaves an altogether different taste in the mouths of football fans across the commonwealth.

Dane is a sophomore dual-threat QB. He is built similarly to a MLB. Parsley also has a linebacker’s disposition.

Our “other Parsley” has his Raiders, from Warren East High School, entering its 9th-game of the season, the one with Franklin-Simpson tonight, sporting an 8-0 worksheet. Of all the high schools in Bowling Green, Kentucky one would expect to be this deep into the regular season sporting an undefeated record, how many of you would have guessed Warren East? Just curious…

Of all the high schools in Bowling Green…how many of you would have guessed Warren East [would be undefeated]?

HB Lyon, Senior Sports Writer, KPGFootball

Dane Parsley is a real prospect. This guy has completed 82 of his 133-passing attempts, has a close to 62% completion rate, has thrown for 1,425 yards on the year, and has completed 23-TD’s versus throwing just 3-INT’s. That is a TD to INT ratio darn close to 8:1.

That is efficient and effective play, if we stop there. Wait until you see what he has done with his feet.

Parsley has rushed the football from scrimmage 74-times on the year. He has gained 846-yards while averaging 11.4-yards per carry. He has 16-rushing TD’s which is a TD every 4.625 or so carries.

Parsley has…gained 846-yards while averaging 11.4-yards per carry…

HB Lyon

All told, and the passing TD’s don’t get credited to him in “scoring,” Parsley is (far and away) the ball club’s leading scorer. Parsley averages 13.2-points scored per game counting only his 16-rushing TD’s and five (5) two-point conversions for 106-points. Imagine if he were to be credited with those 23-TD’s he’s thrown, what would his scoring totals look like then?

So, the Raiders are 8-0, playing a tough Franklin-Simpson (6-2) tonight in a game which will determine the top seed in 4A, District 2 for the upcoming KHSAA playoffs. It could determine whether Warren East hosts the Hoptown/Hopkins Central winner or its loser in round one.

Parsley [has thrown]…23-TD’s [against 3-INT’s]…

HB Lyon

The Raiders will be leaning heavily tonight on a Parsley whose name reminds us of an herb not usually associated with the “main course.” We’ll tell you this…the Wildcats from Franklin, Kentucky will be getting a very large serving of the ’25, dual-threat tonight. They may end up getting too much to adequately digest.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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