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Kaden 'K-Dot' Mack

’27 dual-threat QB proving too much to handle at his level of play

This guy here has all the tools. He has quite a bit of experience playing all-star football too. K-Dot is only 13-years old so reporting on his present height and weight would be a waste of good ink. At this age, these kids are morphing virtually everyday. What we can tell you is he is a plus athlete with plus speed and a frame which looks like it will only get longer, taller, and thicker as we go along.

Fletcher W. Long, Chief of the Scouting Division, KPGFootball

His name is Kaden Mack. He plays at Jefferson County Traditional (JCTMS) and he is a dual-threat QB people, “in the know,” already know.


He has played in Battle of the Regions. He has played Future Stars, which for our money is THE game.

There is one thing this kid has over many other ’27’s; he has a highlight video.

Look for the differently colored ink. That is the link.

While a ’27, Mack is only 13-years old. In a level of ball literally swimming with 14 and even 15-years olds, Mack has thrived notwithstanding his “tender” years.

There are several things about Mack we can tell you. First of all, he is a track guy and runs the 60m in 7.55-seconds. This translates to a 40-yard dash time around five (5)-seconds flat. Track times are fully automated. Track times are on the starter’s gun and 40’s are timed from the athlete’s first movement.

We wouldn’t be surprised for this guy to hand time in the 4.7’s and run sub-five, fully automated. That is flying at his level of play and physical stage of development.

We may not have gotten the outcome we wanted (in ’22); but, I had fun and learned a lot

Kaden Mack

Mack was voted his teams Offensive Skill, Most Outstanding Player. Mack’s comment on that award was, “A big shout out and THANK YOU to my coaches and teammates.” Here is a young athlete who seems to comprehend it takes teamwork to make the dream work.

As for the season for the JCTMS Centurions, it didn’t go as planned. The plan was to win the KYMSFA title.

Mack was even philosophical about that. He has been quoted as saying, “We may not have gotten the outcome we wanted; but, I had fun and learned a lot I can take to the next level.”

We don’t believe high school football is the end of the next levels for this outstanding prospect. We believe he will have a fine high school career and will see the field early and often, maybe even as a 14-year old, ninth grader.

We can’t wait to see him ball out at the Kentucky/Tennessee Future Stars Classic. We’ll be watching.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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