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Michael Watkins' game transcends international borders

’27 LB/RB prospect believed to be a top-flight RB, next level and beyond

It is really no secret following KPGFootball on Twitter is a good way of getting yourself featured on this platform. We were strolling through our followers and found this international baller in Stuttgart, Germany. We thought, “What the heck?” Here is a break down of a young man who hails originally from Virginia but finds himself playing American football on German soil.

Fletcher W. Long, Chief of the Scouting Division, KPGFootball

Have you ever heard of Constantin Ritzmann? For some reason, when I stumbled across this particular prospect’s Twitter handle, memories of that particular player flooded into my consciousness.

Ritzmann was born in Freiburg, Germany. He was offered multiple D-1 scholarships to play American football. Those programs offering him included University of Florida, Florida State, Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio State and many others.

He ended up picking Tennessee over Florida State and had a fine career, even playing as a true freshman. This was not an easy feat in the late 90’s, early turn of the millennia.

They called him “The Germinator” in Knoxville. We will have to call Michael Watkins something else.

Watkins is an example of the good which can come from following us on Twitter. We were just strolling through and decided to research this particular player because he was following us all the way from Germany.

Watkins gained over 100-yards rushing per game in which he played and scored at least one TD per

From the statistics logged, of record, on @mjwatkins519

Watkins is 5’7,” weighing in at 140-pounds. That seems slight of frame for a RB/LB combo guy; but, when you remember he is only a ’27, his frame seems more appropriate.

Watkins only got four (4)-games of run in ’22. In spite of this, Watkins scored four (4) rushing TD’s, and five (5) if you count the one called back because of suspect officiating.

Watkins gained over 100-yards rushing each of the four (4) games. Watkins had a long rush of 75-yards on the season demonstrating his separation speed once he gained even with second and third-level defenders.

We like this prospect’s frame, particularly his length. We could see him moving to WR or even DB depending on how his frame finishes.

We could also see him reviving the “The Germinator” nickname when he comes across the pond to rejoin his American brethren in this peculiarly American pastime. Who knows, maybe this Germinator will invade the University of Kentucky.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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