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Landon Farmer, first player to the left of the photograph (20)

Freshman WR/DB hunting more varsity PT in ’23

Landon Farmer is a top freshman who played a year ago for one of the premier programs in Kentucky 4A in Corbin. Farmer has good length and height for where deployed and at his present stage of development. He has narrow shoulders, long arms, and a long, skinny neck so his frame having some shooting up to do looks anatomically indicated. This guy is a fine wine in that time will only make him get better and better.

Fletcher W. Long, Chief of the Scouting Division, KPGFootball

Landon Farmer is a prospect coming off his freshman season. He got three (3) games of run on the varsity unit according to the statistics logged online by the high school.

Now this kid has a Hudl film and it is full of plays which don’t reflect in the statistics registered online with the KHSAA. The only thing we can conclude is the film highlighted his JV play from a season ago.

This was surprising to us. We thought we were watching varsity film. That is a good thing for both Corbin and the teams the JV played. The teams looked like varsity ball clubs to us, and we view a ton of film.

Landon is a 5’9,” 140-pounder who plays WR and DB. We like him either place and believe he will finish out with a frame well suited to play either or both.

Farmer looks to have good separation speed. We viewed several clips showing his pulling even with third-level defenders and then easily separating and gaining open field or the end zone.

We also saw clips of Farmer in deep pass coverage. He was able to close on down field passes with ease and even intercept a few.

Farmer’s “heady,” fast, with burst and length to high-point balls

Fletcher Long, Chief Scout, KPGFootball

Translation, he’s “heady,” fast, with burst, and the length to high-point balls upon arrival. The “heady” part is well documented as he carries a 3.7 GPA.

Farmer has a fine looking frame which should finish nicely leaving a real prospect for some lucky program. When the day arrives for teams to offer, there will be no academic limit to what “type” of schools can get in the mix here.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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