Jonathan Flores, Class of 2020, is this week’s Todd County Central Rebel of the Week

The Todd County Rebel of the Week is...

I want to mention something a bit unpleasant but something I feel should, nevertheless, be addressed. I got a contact over the weekend from an overbearing, helicopter parent, who was upset I had written an article about one of the players I have, to date, featured. She claimed her son had quit football over my featuring this particular player. The player in question whom was the subject of the feature I have since learned had, himself, quit football prior to my article but was inspired by the article to return to the team. I responded to her that I was sorry to hear of her son quitting the team and her response was Sorry to hear, that is the best I get? Well, yes ma’am, that not only is the best you get but it is more than to what you are entitled.

I am paid by Coach Keith to feature his players and help in promoting the program. I am answerable to him and only him. Now, I blocked her from my Facebook page as I could tell there was nothing I was going to say to mollify her. My page is for promoting area middle school and high school football teams and players. It is not going to be used as some tool of a parental inquisition as to how I had the temerity to feature a player who decided to return to the team because he had been featured. So, player whose return to the team upset one reader, welcome back to the Rebels. Your friends at KPGFootball are thrilled we encouraged you to give the greatest game ever conceived another go. From what we hear, you are too good not to play anyway.

This week’s Rebel of the Week is Class of 2020 Jonathan Flores. Jonathan’s sophomore season was his first playing football. While a sophomore, Flores played tackle on defense and guard on offense. As a sophomore, Jonathan, with his hand in the dirt, and collected 14 tackles in 9 games played. For your first year in the game, that amount of activity is quite good to be honest. However, Jonathan, who is from South America originally and who lives with his sister, is too good of an athlete for that to be the total expanse of his football and athletic talents. What Coach Keith has elected to do with the 5-9 240 pound player with 5.3 second forty speed is to align him at the Sam linebacker in Keith’s college 4-3 system and play him at fullback and, occasionally, back at guard on offense. It will be fun to see what Flores can do given another entire year of invaluable, on-field, game action, varsity football experience. Isn’t it great when good people, like both Flores and the other player unnamed, flourish? We think so too!

This is Fletcher Long, reporting for KPGFootball reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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