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Jeremyah Shearer, No. 2, Photo Credit:

’24 athlete thriving in new position

We use the term “athlete” in recruiting to highlight players who have a skill set which lends them to positions they may not even play in high school. Jack Lambert, former Steeler and HOF, NFL linebacker, was a QB in high school, or so the legend goes. Jerimyah Shearer was a receiver on the “other side” of FBS, Power-Five prospect, Jhaden Vaughn, a year ago. Right now, he is a QB/DB guy getting it done for the Wildcats on both sides of the scrimmage line. Shearer is doing what he commonly does for Trigg athletic teams…LEADING!

HB Lyon, Chief Scout, KPGFootball

Cadiz, KY: We wrote about Jerimyah Shearer last season. At that time, Shearer was the receiver aligned opposite Trigg County’s enigmatic, FBS, Power Five, WR target, Jhaden Vaughn.

Shearer was among the leaders in receptions, leading the team in INT’s, and leading the team in various other categories. Trigg was 7-1 at the time, bracing for a Union County team which was the class of 3A on the western end of Kentucky in 2022.

Shearer has undergone a position change. What hasn’t changed is his still leading.

Shearer, through three games for the Wildcats, is the leading passer, the leading rusher, and among the leaders defensively. We talked to Shearer in Cadiz yesterday.

“You know, I didn’t get selected for any post-season, all-star teams coming out of middle school,” Shearer told us. “I don’t know what it was. I tried out, always felt my tryout went well, but I never got ‘the call.'”

There are more high school superstars in that boat than you could possibly conceive. Shearer is far from alone.

I know some middle school all-star coordinators who would like to have another chance at that decision. Shearer has made any and all doubters look mighty foolish over the course of his high school, athletic career.

Shearer is a 4.5 guy…with loads of athleticism

Rusty Goble, Trigg’s OC

“Shearer is a 4.5 (40-yard dash) guy for us with loads of athleticism,” Rusty Goble, Trigg’s offensive coordinator, shared with us. “He’s among the fastest, most explosive, players we have, Jhaden [Vaughn] and him. In my 28-years of coaching at the high school level, I haven’t had too many much more athletic than Shearer.”

Shearer is 5’10,” and weighs 175-pounds. Shearer is listed as a combo-guard on the varsity basketball roster.

Photo Credit, this and the one above,

Shearer was among the leaders in assists, scoring, and rebounding. Interestingly enough, in spite of his short stature, he was fourth on the team in rebounds per game, just a few tenths out of third.

Shearer has his team sitting at 1-2 headed into a home matchup with Russellville. The Wildcats have been somewhat of an enigma, playing virtually nip and tuck with Murray (3-0) and Barren County (6A, 3-0) in spite of a staggering amount of injuries which have left the team playing numerous underclassmen during the early season.

“It has looked like a M.A.S.H. unit (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, for those not old enough to remember the movie/TV show) out there some nights,” Goble told KPGFootball. “If we can get everyone healthy, teams may find us formidable going along the season toward the playoffs.”

If we can get everyone healthy, teams may find us formidable…

Rusty Goble

Till then, Shearer will be right were he has customarily been since coming to high school as an overlooked, undervalued, former middle school athlete. Shearer will be leading. Shearer will be found toward the front, right in the middle of the action.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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