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Dre Young, Photo Credit: Elevate Digital Media

Belfry junior readying for another title-run to Lexington’s Kroger Field

Dre Young is a 6’1,” 200-pound RB/LB among the very best in the commonwealth among ’24’s. He leads the charge for Belfry on both sides of the football and is a star. He may remind people of Isaac Dixon. He does us. We write about Belfry players quite a bit. There is a reason for that and it isn’t because we’re local (we’re based in Owensboro, Kentucky).

Fletcher W. Long, KPGFootball’s Senior Scout

If you are thinking of starting a digital magazine, let us give you some friendly advice. After all, we are among the oldest forums covering what we cover in Kentucky and easily among the more successful.

If you want people to read your service, cover the areas who actually care about football predominantly and build your way out from the center. That is why we have written so many articles through the years about the Belfry Pirates.

[I]t is a numbers game.

HB Lyon, Senior Sports Writer, KPGFootball

You see, it is a numbers game. The more numbers you generate, and readers you have, the more advertising dollars you can command.

When we cover a new area, and that area doesn’t care enough to read the article, which we have internal metrics measuring (don’t you worry); it takes us longer to go back and cover the next kid from that area. We are a business, not a social service.

This article will be viewed over a thousand times. That reason is why Belfry gets the coverage it does.

This article will be viewed over a thousand times.

HB Lyon

We last wrote about this particular player in an article entitled, “Belfry reloads, not rebuilds, with Dre Young…” The Title was a little longer than what we have herein provided, but you can hit the link and read it for yourself.

We predicted Dre Young would step into the shoes of Isaac Dixon, the consensus “Mr. Football” in Kentucky from a year ago (now at UK). So, how has he done? Quite well.

Young has gained 808-yards rushing over his first 8-games in 124-carries. Averaging over 6.5-yards a carry is right impressive especially since everyone in the stadium knows a running play is coming.

Young has gained 808-yards rushing over his first 8-games in 124-carries.

HB Lyon

Young has scored 10-rushing TD’s. The junior is second on the team in scoring. But he doesn’t just play offense.

Young is second on the team in tackles. Young is tied for first in QB-sacks. Young has even forced a fumble.

Translation…Young is just a football player.

Now, Belfry is 5-4 on the year with a couple more games before the playoffs commence. I know, that means they are slated to play 11, but that is what the KHSAA site indicates and we have to rely on its accuracy.

Belfry closes with Johnson Central (4A) and Russell. Johnson Central is among the best 4A teams in Kentucky and a title contender at that level. Russell is struggling, having won a single game on the season.

Worst case scenario, Belfry enters [playoffs]…6-5.

HB Lyon

Worst case scenario, Belfry enters the playoffs 6-5. That is still better than the 4-6 the team posted entering the playoffs a year ago before riding a five (5) game playoff win-streak to its eighth (8th) state football title.

Young and the 3A title trophy

Isaac Dixon was the hoss ridden to the championship a year ago. Will Young be this year’s hoss?

The thousand or so people who will read this article today would say count on it. We wouldn’t bet too much against it either.

There is a reason so many people care about Belfry football. Think about it a second.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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