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Lucky No. 7, Amonti Marshall, is putting together quite the season for his Bardstown Tigers

’25 Defender Playing Out of his Mind

Who in the “Sam Blazes” is this guy? “Amonti” Marshall, “Amonte” Marshall; heck, we can’t seem to get a consensus on how his given name is to be spelled. We can say, with all certainty, the press corp in Kentucky better be figuring out how it should be spelled. We are going to be writing it quite from now until the Spring of 2025. Marshall is a primetime defensive performer for one of the better programs playing high school football in the commonwealth of Kentucky. Bardstown, especially with him anchoring down the defense should be a persistent title-contender in the 3A classification.

Fletcher W. Long, KPGFootball Senior Scout and Editorial Board Member

Remember the article we published on July 5, 2022? We picked a preseason top-five (5) in the 3A classification.

Here at the end of the season, or approaching it anyway, I wonder how we did? Well, heck fire son! Let’s just look back and see.

For those of you who don’t remember, we picked the classification the following way: 1. Paducah Tilghman, 2. Christian Academy-Louisville (CAL), 3. Belfry, 4. Bell County, 5. Bardstown. Those five teams, coming our of the 9th-game of the year for most programs across Kentucky, have won over 30-games on the year so far and each one is still highly ranked in the KHSAA’s RPI.

Amonti Marshall

Bardstown (9-0) and CAL (8-0, had the night off last night) are undefeated and ranked one and two. Bell County is 6-2 but narrowly lost to an 8-1 Pulaski County (5A) team just last night. Belfry and Paducah Tilghman have done roughly what they did a year ago. Each one has played the toughest schedule under the sun before looking as if they just might be rounding into shape right at playoff time.

Belfry (4-4) dropped its game with Lawrence County (7-1) last night. Paducah Tilghman (4-5) lost a tough slugfest (20-16) on the road at Union County (8-0) as the TD pass which would have won the game for the Blue Tornado hit the receiver dead in the hands at the end of the game with the young man just not able to come up with it.

…high school football is a playoff game.

HB Lyon, Senior Sports Writer, KPGFootball

Oh well, high school football is a playoff game. All teams enter the playoffs 0-0. Belfry and Paducah Tilghman show us that just a year ago.

Here is what we said about Bardstown, specifically, in our article published back in July.

KPGFootball’s analysis: Bardstown seems to be in the discussion more years than not. If you look at who is returning, you will see this team fits our pattern for contenders. Bardstown will be solid in its offensive backfield and will have quality defenders returning much of its defensive production. Bardstown will challenge this year, like most others.”

[W]ho in the world can predict a ’25 prospect would have a year like what Marshall is putting together…?

HB Lyon

If we had only known how well Amonti Marshall was going to play, we may have picked Bardstown further up our preseason rankings. Then again, who in the world can predict a ’25 prospect would have a year like what Marshall is putting together here in the ’22 season?

Not we…we aren’t that good.

This guy is one of the leaders in the commonwealth of Kentucky in both TFL’s (8) and QB-sacks (where Marshall has 6 of the team’s 16-total), together with his contribution of 33-tackles, prior to Thursday’s trouncing of Thomas Nelson. Kentucky’s high school football world can’t seem to agree on the spelling of his Marshall’s given name. The roster filed with the KHSAA has it “Amonte.” Everywhere else, like the prospect’s own Facebook page, has it spelled, “Amonti.”

[Marshall] is one of the leaders in the commonwealth of Kentucky in both TFL’s (8) and QB-sacks (6)…

HB Lyon
Better learn to spell it!

We will go with the later over the former. We believe he started his own Facebook page personally and input the data himself. His name is spelled however he says it is spelled.

However it is spelled, his presence on the defense has spelled D-O-O-M for Tiger opponents all season long. Bardstown is 9-0 after its “running the clock” (45-7) against District 3 opponent Thomas Nelson. Only a winless East Jessamine team stands between David Clark’s Tigers and a 10-0 regular season worksheet.

East Jessamine is a Class 5A opponent. Those folks have way more on their minds presently than how the team is performing.

We join with the rest of our brethren, across Kentucky, in sending out prayers, thoughts, and well-wishes to the Jaguar football family.

As for Bardstown, the Tigers have to like where they are entering the playoffs. The Tigers are likely to be home for much of it, if not all of it, played away from Kroger Field.

[T]he Tigers have to like where they are entering the playoffs.

HB Lyon

Coach Clark has to also love the young talent he is developing on his roster. We know of one in particular impressing one and all regardless of how his given name is or isn’t spelled.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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  1. I could take each class and pickn3 teams and give you the the other 30 teams and I’ll bet you whatever amount of money you want one of my 3 teams wins the State Championship. 6 classes is and has been one of the worst things that has ever happened with Kentucky High school football. The Rich get Richer is all it has accomplished. It’s also made scheduling a lot harder for the majority of teams. Most only have 4 teams in their district so now they have to find 7 non district games.

    • Yessir, Coach, couldn’t agree more, picking Kentucky High School football outcomes is too easy most of the time. We only pick the games here where the outcome is in dispute. We could pick nothing but winners every week if we were forced to do so.

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