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We are told in the recruiting business that a prospect’s junior season film is his most important one. That is one reason why it is thought necessary for a college football recruit to find the field over the course of his sophomore season. It is so he can hit the ground running his junior year.

Aris Pittman’s sophomore performance seemed to fit the bill. This coming season will be his “junior season,” and he will be playing for one of Kentucky’s premier programs particularly at the Class 3A level.

Pittman is 6-2 and weighs 185 pounds and projects primarily as a WR. He is plenty fast (4.5-second 40-yard dash), and possesses many other characteristics which recommend him highly for his offensive deployment.

Matter of fact, there are several things about his development which appear ahead of schedule. The rising junior reports a bench press of 200-pounds which isn’t too bad for where he plays. Pittman power cleans 245-pounds, which is quite explosive. Pittman squats 315, again above the average for where he is positioned.

Being able to gain admission is becoming more and more important for prospects these days. Schools can ill-afford to waste energy, money, and effort recruiting lost causes. Pittman’s 3.5 GPA puts him in play many places and insures his “getting in” will be a formality over its being a serious and legitimate concern.

Pittman had a very productive sophomore season. Pittman caught 24-passes for 304-yards and two (2) TDs last season. Pittman’s “targets” figure to exponentially increase as leading receiver, Ricky Padron (48-receptions, 642-yards, 12-TDs), has exhausted his eligibility.

Aris Pittman will be a primary target this coming Fall, his junior year. His team will rely heavily on the junior in the down field attack. Pittman figures to be “cash money” for his Tomcats going forward.

Folks around Ashland, Kentucky are counting on that. They can’t afford for it to be otherwise.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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