New CCHS Coach, Ethan Atchley, will NOT find the cupboard barren, not while there are some [Jimmarion] Byrd[s] flying around @CoachAtchley @ColonelFootball @1776Bank @minguabeefjerky @840WHAS

February 17, 2024 Fletcher Long 0

We attended the Atchley presser. He is an impressive guy and will turn that program around lickety-split. He has some material left over around whom to build. One of those “Dude” is a “Byrd.” Jimmarion Byrd is a ’26 guy who has plus size, plus athleticism, and plus hostility and feel for the game. Jimmarion plays angrily, like anyone would want from a LB/Edge guy. Enjoy the feature and get ready for the Atchley Show. Friday Night Fletch.