Out of the commonwealth spotlight: Don’t be surprised if this Hoosier (Caleb King) doesn’t end up on a Kentucky team’s roster. @CentreFootball @CalebKi02709985 @CSmithScout @HopkinsCentral @_CoachManning @minguabeefjerky @1776Bank @kyhighs @HLpreps @KyHighFootball

March 21, 2023 Fletcher Long 1

This is Caleb King. King is from Pekin, Indiana and attends its version of Eastern High. Pekin, Indiana is 29-miles from Louisville, Kentucky. We used to cover Clarksville, TN kids under the guise Hopkinsville (KY) and Clarksville (TN) were one metropolitan area. The distance between Hopkinsville and Clarksville…26miles. It’s just three additional miles. Don’t be surprised to see this prospect end up on a Kentucky roster. You know, there are 17-college football programs in Kentucky. Enjoy the feature. FL.