September 6, 2019…Here’s how we see the matchups (Weekly Winners)

Throughout the season we pick weekly winners. It was one of our more popular segments a year ago. This year we will decide which games we cover based on our “hits.” Read us, you get covered. Ignore us, we ignore you. These are some Friday night match-ups in areas where we get a lot of views. This week we thought we might enliven things by singling out some games for witty commentary. You have to be a member to read

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It’s football…not a track meet and not a fashion show!

How does a Georgia State beat a Tennessee in Knoxville and not just beat the Volunteers, but dominate them? Well, it starts by requiring the coaching staff to select the team’s roster and not out-sourcing it to some recruiting service which is assigning stars to the players they find the prettiest and most statuesque. Football isn’t a track meet or a fashion show, it is about blocking, tackling, running between the tackles, getting down hill, and other things unrelated to how one looks. It is a contact sport played by tough guys. We used to know that, and at Georgia State, they appear to still know it.

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